Friday, 10 October 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for loving the end of the honeymoon period.

When you're in a relationship it can often feel like all your plans and thoughts revolve around your other half. You select times to call one another and everything else is off limits, you make plans for dinner and not even a night out with the girls will make you cancel it and you plan romantic mini breaks months in advance and make all other plans around that.

But am I right in thinking it can often feel too much? Sure, planning stuff with my bloke is great and we do get all loved-up to the point of it being sickly to others but it can sometimes feel odd, especially after being single and independent for a while.

Recently this transcended into a slight distance between my other half and I. Nothing bad, really, just a feeling of needing to make plans/call each other 45 times before we go to sleep/talk for hours. I'm still madly in love but I quite fancy slouching in my Ugg boots and having a really early night.

When you're not in a relationship you dress to attract men, when you're in a relationship you dress to impress him- so what happens when you're really comfortable in a relationship and can slob about in your M&S grey PJs? Who do you dress for then? You, of course!

I discovered that wonderful point once more where I really do just dress for me. I went to the salon today and spent 2 hours having my nails done for no other reason than wanting them done to make me happy. I wore my Ugg boots (in public!) and allowed my bloke to see me in them. I got a stain on my white top and didn't care one bit! I'm finally in that moment of comfortable and sexy and it's all for me!

So, whilst my bloke has flown off on business until tomorrow morning, I'm more than happy spending a night with lots of Ben&Jerry's, Sex And The City: The Movie and a slice of chocolate cheesecake (hips o'clock!). Maybe boring is, well, boring but it's the comfort of the secure relationship mixed with the elation of knowing your appallingly hot boyfriend finds you rather sexy in your hoodie and pajama bottoms (well, maybe cute rather than sexy!).

Today's outfit might be comfortable, it might not be the most fashion forward outfit ever seen and it may well contain two of my guilty fashion loves (Ugg boots and Louis Vuitton bags) but it isn't by half rather cute. The Proenza Schouler long sleeved tee should be a staple in every one's wardrobe (although an M&S version is clearly more affordable), a simple denim mini skirt and waistcoat add an autumn feel and the Fred Flare nerd glasses necklace is pure geek-chic.