Thursday, 16 October 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for using watercolours.

It's so nice to spend only an hour of my day in a lecture and then come home and enjoy the finer things in life such as my slippers, Coke Zero in a mug, Hawaiian Tropic body butter, Jeremy Kyle and painting.

I haven't touched a paintbrush in weeks. I am ashamed.

I'm no artist in the typical sense. Picasso isn't my father and my mother would probably switch the lights off in some modern lighting exhibition show but I give it a go! And it was nice, it was nice to paint and feel so calm whilst doing it and create pretty images on a pretty page inspired by pretty days out with my best friend, my mother and my boyfriend (ahh, Chatsworth...).

Not even the disruption of my two younger brothers arriving home from school could annoy me as I painted Persian blue and emerald green onto grease-proof paper (yup, the stuff you put in the oven!) and sang along to random Amy Winehouse lyrics that kept cropping up in my head.

Sadly, the day didn't stay as calm. Brothers should not be allowed near laptops, put it that way!

The outfit I've made up for today is a very "Hollie-Anne" outfit. I tend to go for the chic and feminine look day to day and hardly ever wear trousers or jeans but opt for pretty pink colours and wonderfully constructed or floaty skirts. I love this rather dressy printed skirt from Forever21 and it speaks for itself so only needs a Topshop vest and a Forever21 grey cardigan over the top for understated elegance. I'm slipped on some pretty Topshop salmon coloured gladiators (make sure you've got your pedicure!) and I'd use a pretty pink satin hairband to keep hair tamed and classy. Finally, there's always time for a touch for timeless designer and that's why I've selected this Tiffany and Co silver necklace and Miu Miu leather tote to carry around everything from books to paints and, of course, lipstick. I love it!

Watercolours. by hollieanne