Sunday, 12 July 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for a major confidence crisis.

So, the moment I start talking about the fairytale is the moment I suddenly crash. BPD? I think not, I just feel at a loss slightly. A few things have happened in the past week that have just made me lose my confidence and I've spent some time this week wondering whether I put myself in the right situations. I'm hoping it'll all pass soon, work is keeping me crazy busy. My loved ones have been amazing, I just hope they're all proud of me.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for a lack of blogging.

This blog is my baby, you all know that, right? Yet a tiny part of me has had a whistful and strange love affair with Dressing For since the loss of my Internet connection. My will to change the world- or the North East of England, at least- with my fashion passion has often taken a back seat to love, heart break, loss, education and, of course, baking. I haven't blogged recently for all the latter reasons and yet I punish myself because getting back into the game has a huge tinge of guilt and thus I provide you all with a deep apology from me.

I'm currently sat in a secret location; Sex And The City the movie has just finished, my hair freshly blow-dried and I can feel the most amazing breeze hitting my bronzed cheeks. I have a large glass of wine cuddled next to me, I'm wearing lounge-wear in shades of peach and nude and I have pearls round my neck. From Wednesday through to today has been a time in my life that I've craved for three years and, my God, if you knew how much I've wanted this then you'd forgive me for forgetting all but my mind and promised words. A picnic all home baked taken to a work place in a Cath Kidston basket, sherbet cocktails, and plain old excitment.

I think back to myself this year. I was in a mental coma induced by the worst incident in my life, my best friend wrapping me up in blankets and supplying me with endless DVDs... But I came alive for fashion. All it took was a black, white and pink floral skirt to make me feel like Hollie again.

A year later and I've worked hard to make all my dreams come true. I'm most like Charlotte from SATC, although most would say Carrie what with the writing career and my up and down love life. I'm like Charlotte because I've never been so thankful to be part of a life that feels like a fairytale, yet I'm terrified that I'll lose it all.

As I sit here, the Sunday evening sounds of a soul mate and my Vera Wang fragrance filling the air, I wonder if it's my inner 60s hippy that is embracing love and peace or whether I'm just the optimistic character in the fairytale that has gone from tragic to a dream come true. Getting lost from blogging these few days didn't mean I didn't care or want to write, I've simply had to take time in to believe the fairytale before I actually write it.

One other thing, I've been appointed as PR Director of a small beauty firm. It's early days but I hope you'll all enjoy this chapter.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for A&E.

You'd thing they'd be advantages to your step-dad breaking his finger, mainly lots of time in A&E equalling lots of fit doctors. But, sadly, it wasn't to be and I only spied one gorgeous junior doctor that looked a he'll of a lot like MYB. It's been a weird day, resulting in eating McDonalds outside at 10pm. I'm glad today is over. I've got an exciting week ahead with some life changing stuff happening on Tuesday and loads of hugs and lots of smooching sessions later in the week. Hope you've had a good one!

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for shop, shop, shopping!

My word am I exhausted! Spent today shopping for hours looking for the perfect dress for an important day on Tuesday. In the end, Evans came out on top which is odd as I tend to really dislike their stuff and never shop there. I spied a darling midnight blue trapeze dress but was gutted when there was only a size 4 up from my size left. But with a bit of fashion magic, I made it work! Turns out it was a top but because it was so big on me, it became my new dress. I'm going to accessorize with bright purple sandals for evening and black tights and flats for a chic day look.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for her purse.

My D&G purse went missing today. All dressed up and ready to take my brothers to McDonalds for a special treat, I was packing by satchel when I realized my beloved patent purse was missing from my gym bag I'd used last night at my salsa class. My brothers and I looked everywhere and I started to cry. I gave up looking and retired to my bed to call MYB so he could comfort his girl. Then an email popped into my inbox. The people at the gym had found my purse and found my email address inside my purse so they contacted me that way. The sad thing is is that £20 was missing but I still had £30 in there so I've been lucky. Isn't it weird how it's the sentimental stuff that matters most? A car park ticket from a romantic day at Chatsworth, a tiny card from mum and MYB's business card which inspires me so much.

Some exciting career news happened today! Watch this space...

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for salsa classes.

I'm rather painfully shy so attending my first salsa dance class was a big deal for me. But I managed and I'm so proud. I hearted salsa dancing and, surprisingly, I'm rather good at it. A darling friend of MYB (My Yummy Bloke) encouraged me and I'm so thankful to her. Now, I should say that I can't wait until next week but I have the pleasure of going on a dinner date so I'll be giving the class a miss until two weeks time- I'm excited already!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for Pizza Hut with mummy.

I love girly summer evenings. Mum and I met up and had a pretty dinner out after doing a little shopping. I really mean it when I say my mum is my best friend, I've had a few things on my mind and she's made me see sense. The weather was so beautiful today so a maxi dress and little cardigan was the fashion order of the day- what did you wear in the pretty sun today? Bet you all looked fab!