Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for dinner out.

This entry shall be short. I need you to know that the wine was good but the cocktails were even better. There was also yummy food.

Nautical look o'clock! The playsuit is Dollydagger.co.uk (please, can I have a size 6 figure?!), the heels are New Look, the bag is Debenhams and the hairband is Topshop. The earrings come from ModCloth and the look is finished with a white anchor necklace from Forever21.

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Monday, 30 March 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for lolita.

I finally bought the iconic book that is 'Lolita' by Vladimir Nabokov. I knew it would be a difficult read and I knew it would be a rather odd read but, around twenty pages in, I am also finding the book appallingly beautiful. The use of language is extraordinary and I am truly captivated.

I sat in Starbucks with the book and was surrounded by a group of yummy mothers who were having a baby group of sorts and, when I sat in the only available chair and opened up Lolita, I felt a little strange. I discussed the very matter of the slightly odd feeling of reading Lolita and my male friend, a literary lover, said he'd feel he'd be frowned up were he to read it despite it being a classic.

Personally, whether the subject matter is peculiar or not, Vladmiri Nabokov's writing is spectacular.

I'm dressing for a sunny day reading! I've gone for a plain scoop neck tee from Wet Seal, a blue flower necklace by Forever21 and some (almost!) matching earrings from Topshop. The main piece to this outfit is, of course, the See by Chloé skirt which is so pretty! I'm finished off with some Puma trainers and a gorgeous leather bag from Topshop.

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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for mornings and evenings in the sunshine.

I beat the clock today. Rather than feeling gutted that I had- in effect- lost an hour of sleep, I woke two hours earlier than normal and jumped into some lounge wear and headed for the garden. I spent an hour drinking a few cups of herbal tea and reading my book as my toes touched the morning dew and my legs stretched out onto the cool grass.

I had to depart from my literary bliss to go out shopping for the afternoon but this only resulted in a chance to purchase more things for my reading pleasure. In the case of today, I bought a Sunday paper and Psychologies magazine.

When I returned home this evening, around 630pm, I put on my favourite H&M hoodie and ventured out into the garden once more with my new stack of reading material, a glass of wine and another mug of herbal tea. Sitting on the bench and watching the sun go down, it made me think of how I need to pull myself out of this little low spell I've been feeling for a few days. I hope it goes away soon.

The floral maxi dress featured here (perfect for sunny afternoons) is by Charlotte Russe and I've added some gladiator heels by Nine West and a Topshop straw clutch. The two necklace here are also by Topshop, the earrings are ASOS and the bangles come from French Connection. Finally, you all know I love a floral ring and this Betsey Johnson one is so cute!

Newspapers in the garden.
Newspapers in the garden. - by hollieanne on Polyvore.com

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for a day of newspapers and magazines and an early night.

As you'll all know by now, Saturday is my relaxation day if I'm at home and today has been no exception. I started off by indulging in sausage, bacon and scrambled egg for breakfast and then moved on to hours and hours of newspaper and magazine reading.

I am now sat in bed (early, I know!) pondering the delights of my BFF's evening with his new girl and dreaming of the incredible future my own love life has to offer. Once I finish daydreaming and finish blogging, I plan on getting an hour in of novel writing and then a good read over Grazia and Psychologies magazine.

I've just had a phone conversation where I recalled how I'm feeling a little low and thus perhaps indulging in it a little like a typical middle-class work-a-holic. Amidst my woes and cries of "Oh god, I'm so miserable and sodding boring- how the hell do you manage to love me?", I was reminded that comfort sometimes is relaxing like this and there's nothing to be ashamed of. What do you lot do to make yourselves feel better? I think I might have to pop downstairs for some chocolate, is anyone with me on this one?

The outfit today is so plain and generic of what I see of seventeen year olds walking around educational establishments but you've got to admit it looks comfortable. The dress and pretty corsage hairband are from Miss Selfridge whilst the pink pumps come from it's sister store, Topshop. The standard ankle skimming leggings are avalible from the American store Wet Seal. And finally, the neon bird necklace and fabulous heart ring are by the ever so wonderful ASOS. Hope you're having a great Saturday!

Magazines and newspapers sort of day.
Magazines and newspapers sort of day. - by hollieanne on Polyvore.com

Friday, 27 March 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for not being able to get online.

Wireless internet has been broken all day. Should be back with you tomorrow.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for hidden comforts.

I'm back! Have you ever found yourself feeling all warm and snuggly just at something so small? That little bit of comfort when you're least expecting it- like a memory, a smell or reading a text or e-mail from a loved one?

My day has been filled with things like that. Waking up this morning, I found myself feeling beautiful and loved more than ever in the mist of domestic bliss and a silly conversation about normality. Mid-morning was spent in Caffé Nero with a blackberry yogurt and a coffee as the rain beat heavy on the widows and I snuggled deeper in my cosy chair and pulled my newspaper closer to my body as if it losing myself deeper in the articles were like a blanket. And now it's evening and I've been wearing a simple outfit of a black vest and pj bottoms but, as I pulled the top over my head, I found myself surrounded by a beautiful smell that brought me back to a precious moment this morning. It's sad but true that I'm finding myself sniffing my top and pulling myself closer and closer to this morning despite time slipping away from me.

Sometimes, when you need reassurance or a little comforting the most, memories and pleasures sink into you without realising until you're tired at the end of the day and you realise what a simple but lovely 24 hours you've had.

The outfit today is simple, it's normal and it's nothing too special but it's the type of outfit I'd wear to go out for that coffee and watch the skies turn grey. The simple pleasures in life are the best. I love the colouring of this pretty Topshop buckle detail trench and, at £65, it's a bit of a steal. I've used a simple grey tee, some jeans by 7 For All Mankind and then added heels by Dorothy Perkins. The finishing touches come from a scarf and ring by Topshop and a Chloé bag. Hope you've had a great day!

Comfort. - by hollieanne on Polyvore.com

Monday, 23 March 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for preparing for tomorrow.

I'm back and forwards like a yo-yo this week and tomorrow is no different as I'm away for a few nights on business. Part of me craves my own bed and a long lazy lie-in but I enjoy the rush of travel, work, education, studying, preparing, success and power-dressing.

I've got a fair bit of preparing to do for a very important day on Wednesday but I should be free to do said work whilst snuggled up in a hotel bed in the early evening of tomorrow. Today has been spent stressing like an idiot because I'm determined the make Tuesday and Wednesday a vast success.

I have a stupid migraine right now but it looks like I won't be hitting the pillow for a while because I need to contact a few people regarding arrangements and it appears they're a little busy currently. Oh my word, just give me my huge warm bed and several hours sleep!

The outfit today is highly casual and a little more young than what I normally style together but it's a fun outfit for a day where I need a lot of energy. I heart this polkadot Marc by Marc Jacobs cardigan which I've styled with a Wrangler denim skirt, some black leggings and blue flats from Topshop. This sweet little ice-cream bag and the fabulous floral sunnies can also be found from the high street favourite that is Topshop.

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Sunday, 22 March 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for being back from the spa.

Apologies for lack of blog entry yesterday, the wireless in the hotel happened to break and I annoyed the receptionist for a while until all he did was offer to give me a call when it was working once more. It didn't work again. Sorry!

Anyway, I'm feeling refreshed and so alive. I've had the most perfect weekend filled with lots of giggles, talking, relaxing and the odd glass or two of wine. It's been lovely just to be around with the people I love the most and giggle about dating, love, sex and shoes. I do realise how girly and perhaps stereotypical that sounds but it's highly true and proved the perfect mix for a brilliant weekend.

This morning so the lot of us read magazine and have brunch in Caffé Nero for a while. To me, coffee and magazines and a few friends makes for the perfect Sunday.

Therefore, with Sunday coffee brunch in mind, I've created this very casual number. The cashmere vest is by Crumpet, I've added some simple Topshop skinny jeans and sandals by Chloé. The ring is Dries Van Noten and the large tote is by Miu Miu. Finally, the statement piece of this outfit, a bright Paul Smith scarf. Hope you've had a great weekend.

I'm back.
I'm back. - by hollieanne on Polyvore.com

Friday, 20 March 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for a last minute weekend away.

Happy Friday! I'm currently blogging from the most beautiful spa hotel in West London and am surrounded by good wine, a few good friends and the odd box of chocolates. I heart being spontaneous and a few of us decided last night to leave work and love stresses behind and all meet up for some much needed relaxation!

No outfit today, I'm afraid as I don't really have the resources nor time to compile anything but everything should be back in full working order tomorrow.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for having a morning panic attack.

It's been a really stressful week, most notably issues with my father, so it didn't surprise me when I found myself unable to breath and going bright red. Welcome to panic attack land!

I'd been wound up all morning over issues to do with my father: I was wondering what was so wrong with me that he let me down all the time, wondering if my sister knew some secret I didn't, wondering if he preferred spending time with his girlfriend than with me. As I got off the bus and began to take the rather long walk to campus, I found myself welling up with tears for no reason. The tears kept on coming- silent and slow- until I was down a side road and having a full blown panic attack before 9am. My heart was racing, I was sweating, my muscles were tense, I was gagging because I couldn't breath...you name it.

When I get like that, the last thing I want to do is sit in a lecture and worry it's going to happen again. I always want to be curled up like a tiny baby guinea pig after I've suffered a panic attack. The need to want to be in a tight little ball after such a claustraphobic incident always strikes me as a little amusing but it feels safe and nice and comforting and I don't mind that one bit.

Returning home, I made a cup of herbal tea and watched BBC News for hours, taking little moments out to read a few pages of a book or the latest issue of Cosmopolitan. The highlight of my day was baking, however. I doubt I'm going to be around for Mothering Sunday this weekend so I baked my mum a fabulous buttercream and jam cake from scratch with little red frosted hearts hand crafted on. It made me smile.

But, as I was mixing up all my sweet treats, I began to think about how certain clothes can sometimes help calm a panic attack and certain items can really restrict you. I was wearing my staples of a fitted black cami, smart dark jeans and a trench today with a vintage scarf tied in a big bow around my neck. Clearly, the scarf was no good when my throat became tighter and my trench felt all too tight when I just needed some air rushing through me. The outfit today is plain but stylish and the main focus is clearly this beautiful Philosophy Di Alberta Ferretti cotton jacket. With the jacket, I've added a comfort of some simple cut jeans and wonderful Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse flats which are not only comfortable but cannot help to keep one smiling. I've gone for a simple but roomy Longchamp bag and then some sweet little earrings from Topshop. Finally, to add a little extra sparkle to the outfit, I've used a Lady Luck Rules OK apple brooch.

Morning panic attacks.
Morning panic attacks. - by hollieanne on Polyvore.com

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for the March sun.

Britain has bathed in glorious sunshine today, hasn't it? I expect you all enjoyed it? What did you all get up to? I made it to a lecture this afternoon, grabbed a Starbucks and met my mother for a quick glass of wine. I was, of course, posing in my sunglasses the whole time!

I love how pretty I often feel in the sunshine and I'm reminded of an August spend sub-editing and lunchtimes spent walking in the sun in North London. I feel at my happiness in the sunshine and psychology reports often suggest that those who have suffered mental illness feel much happier and more calm when the weather is better but I do believe it's just general human nature to feel such a way.

My lecture was thrilling this afternoon, as a journalist already, I always adore writing pieces that I know I'm good at and hearing the journalistic efforts of my ever so talented classmates.

Wearing sunglasses, a crisp white shirt dress and sipping on a Starbucks make me feel glowing and radiant and I listened to Leona Lewis tracks that made me think of my love and remember some beautiful times we've shared. The sun made me happy.

Therefore, I've clearly styled an outfit today suitable for a pretty day in the warm sunshine. I've gone for a simple plain vest from Dorothy Perkins and some Miss Selfridge daisy earrings. To me, this skirt is a dream and something I'd most certainly wear on my wedding day. If you can afford $780, you can purchase this pretty little skirt from Erdem. The sunglasses, sling-back flats and tote are all by the wonderful Marc Jacobs.

March sun.
March sun. - by hollieanne on Polyvore.com

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for her father not turning up.

I have a slight child-like relationship with my father in the sense that I am clinging to the prospect that I will gain his acceptance and admiration. I often feel like a small child who is constantly seeking approval and yet, although totally comfortable within myself and my blissful life, I will never feel accomplished.

Since my parents split when I was 13, I've had a rocky relationship with the man who disagreed with fidelity. Now, almost a decade on, my outlook of fidelity and romance is perhaps more precious than the norm. I fear I cannot do much more to please my father, and nor do I want to. Successful journalist? Check. Brilliant academic life? Check. Stable and appallingly happy love life? Check. I'm independent, successful and ambitions and yet I find myself feeling like this isn't good enough whilst my sister is able to date drug dealers and not work and yet gain more praise.

But, for months now, I've been feeling the need to cut away ties and to stop myself from hurting. When my father is around, or when he's due to be around, I turn into a shadow of myself and I'm quiet and perhaps a little nervous. I cancelled plans with a friend today so that I could stay home and prepare for my father coming. He hadn't told me what time he was visiting so I waited all day. My father called this afternoon and said he'd arrive no later than 530pm. I prepared mentally and made myself look decently pretty. 530 came and he wasn't there, I sat looking out of the window for the little red car to turn up but it didn't. And so, at 545, my phone rang and my father cancelled without reason. I sat by the window in hope for a while, kidding myself that he hadn't let me down again. After a quarter of an hour, I retired to my bed and comforted myself in my favourite book and a tiny cry.

So, all the effort I made today went out of the window but this outfit is similar to what I put together in order to impress. This pretty frill-front cardigan is 3.1 Phillip Lim and I've teamed it with some Cheap Monday jeans and Miu Miu heels. The gold oval necklace is by Philip Crangi, the earrings are Forever21 and I've finished the look off with an Alexander Wang tote.

He didn't turn up.
He didn't turn up. - by hollieanne on Polyvore.com

Monday, 16 March 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for a new hair colour.

I am the biggest fan of ginger hair. Auburn, copper, apricot, deep amber...if it's anywhere near ginger, I heart it. I'd love to look like Nicola Roberts (although I'd opt for bigger boobs and a little more padding all over, really) or have naturally flame red hair that just makes a statement of pure unique beauty. Until I can change my DNA, I'll have to stick with a lifetime worth of hairdressing bills and home dye jobs.

Today, I had my hair coloured a shade called amber and I have never been happier! With the darkest of dark brown hair, I'll never get a bright ginger shade but I can currently be seen with a lovely deep ginger shade with little flicks of my past dark brown.

There's really something about having your hair coloured, isn't there? OK, so I'd never go blonde or pink or anything or the sort but I enjoy staying safe for a really healthy look that makes me smile as my newly coloured hair bounces in the wind full of shine and softness.

Therefore, the outfit pictured is all for co-ordinating with my new shade. I've gone for a bright blue and super pretty dress from Forever21 which would create a clashing but striking look with my hair. I've added some Miu Miu sandals, a bright blue bag from Pauric Sweeney and a little white rose ring from Wet Seal. Finally, a beautiful piece from one of my favourite designers, Alex Monroe.

New hair.
New hair. - by hollieanne on Polyvore.com

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for a surprising dress find.

In 11 days time (not that I'm counting), I have one of the most important events of my life. Of course, like a few other events of late, I cannot reveal a word about the exact details as of yet but it's huge to the point that I'm already feeling the adrenaline kick in.

Every exciting event need a new outfit, right? I have to admit that I was starting to panic as to what to wear- it's one of those weird events where one doesn't know exactly what the dress code is. I'd seen a pretty orange chiffon skirt in Monsoon but my pale legs would have classed and I don't trust myself with a bottle of fake tan under any circumstances. As I have a busy week and will probably have plans this coming weekend, it was pretty much a case of finding something today or sticking with my Paul Smith-a-like rose print dress. But the high street came up brilliantly today in the form of a rather plain but super flattering dress.

My new dress is the same shape as the one featured below and, as a girl with decent size hips and not so fabulous legs (although MYB would disagree, I'm sure), it really shouldn't work on my figure but I'm not sure I've come across such a flattering dress. My boobs are reduced in size, my tummy is hidden and my legs looks rather great in it. I'm impressed and, with the plain colouring, it's going to be so much fun to style up with red tones, perhaps flashes of bright white and my favourite vintage silk scarf.

I'm sure the dress is rather recognizable to a lot of you as being the Patricia Field for M&S dress which featured in stores a little while back. Added to the dress is a simple waist belt from Miss Selfridge. I've gone for some fab Forever21 heels and a Patricia Field Barbie necklace which I am now totally lusting after. Topshop provide the super fun accessories with a heart bag, striped ring and domino earrings. Hope you've had a great weekend!

Dress shopping.
Dress shopping. - by hollieanne on Polyvore.com

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for being the fat best friend.

My BFF failed to call me yesterday which is massively unusual considering we chat about five times a day. As you may have noticed, I wasn't 100% sober when blogging last night so this prompted a silly phone call to my BFF at around 1am. Well, well, well, the little minx was with his new girlfriend- never expected that!

As a lot of you know, my BFF and I split over 2 years ago after a 2.5 year relationship. My BFF has never really had a serious relationship since we split but was always happy for MYB. But now that L has come onto the scene, it's weird for me to consider how our friendship might change and how L will take to me.

This evening, once L had finally gone home, my BFF called me and we had a little chat. As I'm a typical girl, I asked all about her hair style, dress sense and the like. L had left her cardigan in my BFF's bedroom and I pushed him to look at the size so I could build up a better visual image of L. My BFF looked (rightly or wrongly) and she's a ten. Fine, OK, wonderful. But that has left me wondering if I'll always be just seen as the fat best friend to her? Will L wonder what my BFF ever saw in me?

I know I'm being insecure, my BFF and I are best friends because we're two total idiots who have such a laugh and I hope L will see that. I'm not a size out of the ordinary, but I'm certainly not a 10. And as much as I have a wonderful man who adores my curves to pieces, I'm sat here doubting whether my BFF ever fancied me. Jesus, I'm being well silly.

I've dresses for meeting L tonight. When the day comes, I'm sure she'll like me but I know she'll think of me as that slightly odd and fashion obsessed magazine writer best friend of her bloke- and I quite like that! This pretty yellow top is from Milly, I've featured skinny pants by Alexander Wang and then gone all coral with accessories. The ruched coral bag is from Dorothy Perkins, the heels are ASOS and the earrings and ring are both Miss Selfridge.

I will always be the fat best friend.
I will always be the fat best friend. - by hollieanne on Polyvore.com

Friday, 13 March 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for a little too much wine.

Wow, good bloody night out. How on earth am I managing to blog? Why am I blogging? I have no idea. Good night though. Wine, amazing company and learning how to skip down steep banks. I cannot skip, I have concluded.

Anyway, I cannot wait to go to bed and talk to MYB. Perhaps I won't make much sense but my best friend isn't available for me to rattle on to because he's getting lucky tonight! Oh yes! I've just rang my BFF to er...sing to him, and his new date was over his place and staying over. I'm well chuffed for him but jealous because my BFF better make sure his best friend comes before his new girlfriend.

Outfit time! This dress is Lipsy and I always love a Lipsy dress; I've noticed they're opening a few stores (Gateshead and Manchester, I've noted) and I think they'll go down like a storm. I've added a zebra print Halston clutch, Louboutin heels and earrings from Topshop. The cocktail ring is also Topshop and the watch is Marc by Marc Jacobs. I need water!

Too much.
Too much. - by hollieanne on Polyvore.com

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for an exhausting day.

I'm not long back home after being awake since 630am. Forgive me for the shortest post ever?

Everything featured here is Juicy Couture because I spent far too today discussing the wonderfulness of the aforementioned brand.

Juicy Couture.
Juicy Couture. - by hollieanne on Polyvore.com

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for dinner with her mother.

My mother celebrates her birthday tomorrow. I'm clearly not going to reveal my mother's age but I've become more and more fascinated by her astonishing beauty and wonderful skin. As one ages, it's dictated that beauty becomes less of a focus but my mother looks better with age.

We went out for dinner tonight and then to the cinema (we saw 'He's just not that into you' and it is well worth every penny- loved it) and sat sharing ice-cream as we nodded our heads in agreement with the characters on the screen who were all going through some sort of melodramatic but realistic love issue in their lives.

Dinner with my mother is always odd, I always feel the need to impress and to shine despite seeing her everyday. Is it just me or does having dinner with mummy always signal a slight success or fail feeling? My mother is one of my best friends but I'll never stop having a certain driving force behind me to impress her.

I've selected a simple but pretty outfit this evening. I often find that the most simple outfits work best. LBD, black clutch and heels? More than fine! And that's just the look I've gone for here. To me, this Fendi dress is perfection as I adore the shape and the detailing of the belt. I've added a Louboutin clutch, some heels by Giuseppe Zanotti and an Alex Monroe 'love' necklace. Finally, it's colour o'clock with a bright Marc by Marc Jacobs cotton trench. Until tomorrow...

Dinner with my mother.
Dinner with my mother. - by hollieanne on Polyvore.com

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for being made to feel incredibly beautiful by MYB.

That was a long title, wasn't it? My plans for today were mainly revolved around seeing my father this afternoon and having one too many chocolates after he upset me by telling me no man would ever want to marry me or something similar. Besides that? A load of writing and visuals to produce.

But my father came and, as much as he did upset me, I managed the whole day with a huge grin on my face. And this is where MYB comes in. We shared pretty ideas and secrets into the early hours last night and I sent him a text this morning to remind him how much I loved him. In came a day filled with him sending me beautiful texts from his desk to remind me how much he loves me, to tell me he thinks I'm beautiful, to create little plans of spending my birthday in Italy and to share some silly gossip.

It made all the difference to a dull Tuesday which would have been spent feeling a little low after my father's energy draining visit. OK, so my father did go on about how it's unlikely I'll ever settle down and get married (actually, I think I know someone who may well disagree) but I just couldn't stop smiling. A beep every half an hour really made a difference to my day and I've spent tonight in a total daydream about holidays, past memories and our future. I feel secure and happy which I certainly couldn't have said this time last year in terms of my relationship with MYB due to my breakdown. It's nice to feel like this and to have a safe and secure future with the man I want to wake up with for a very long time to come.

OK, exit love and enter fashion? Think so! I've gone from pretty and perfect tonight; something to wear whilst out for dinner with my love and then hitting a few clubs with my female friends into the early hours. This entire outfit is love for me. This purple print zebra print dress is from Rebecca Taylor and I've gone for total work of art shoes in the form of these frill and flower white Viktor & Rolf heels. The bag is clearly a Chanel 2.55 and the hair corsage is from Johnny Loves Rosie. This pretty daisy watch necklace is Marc by Marc Jacobs and the rock is Burberry.

MYB makes me feel beautiful.
MYB makes me feel beautiful. - by hollieanne on Polyvore.com

Monday, 9 March 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for skipping her lecture.

Oops-a-daisy, didn't make it into my lecture this evening. I've got to say that I am feeling rather guilty and bad but I think I needed a bit of a calm day today. My mind feels a bit misty and I think I'm overwhelmed by last week, by the events of this week and by my future. I've given myself a bit of a guilty trip over missing a 2.5 hour lecture but I need to remember that, despite the wonderful load of total calm and well being over the past several months, I do indeed suffer from BPD and my mental health is very important.

After a period of around two months of feeling like the BPD has totally gone, it's easy to forget that I ever had it. I've been getting drastically better since October and it may well be safe to say that my BPD is a distant memory after five years of emotional disasters. But I'm careful to look after myself. MYB annoyed me for something? I tell him and we talk it through. Feeling exhausted? I take an early night. Stress with work? I moan to MYB about it and he makes me feel fabulous. With me, it's the small things that make the biggest difference to my mental health and talking things through and putting a rational spin on things is they key to my well being.

Come 3pm, once I made my mind up that I wasn't going to make it tonight, I set myself a mental list of things that would keep me sane and soothe my mind tonight. First off, I sat in the garden in the afternoon sun with a huge mug of herbal tea and my favourite book. Then I worked on an article I started typing up on Thursday evening. I spent the rest of tonight chatting with my mother, thinking about some work plans I have and reading some basic Italian. Mind sorted and it's ready to work come my lecture on Wednesday!

I've dressed for Monday afternoon sun today. I'm a typical Brit and as soon as a tiny bit of sun comes out, I'm in skirts, flats and sunglasses. The tee and heart shaped sunnies seen here are from Topshop, you'll find the skirt is available from A.P.C and the sandals are Giuseppe Zanotti. These pretty boho style earrings are from ASOS and the large cream bag is from the one and only Primark.

Monday sun.
Monday sun. - by hollieanne on Polyvore.com

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for Sims2.

It's clearly Geek Sunday! I've spent this evening playing Sims2 for the first time in years and it's proven lots of fun. Perhaps that very statement makes me a big geek but I care not, Sims2 is going to provide a welcome distraction for essays and will fill the hours on days off when I really should be catching up on said essays.

Apart from being the biggest geek in the world, I've spent today shopping for anything to help me learn the beautiful Italian language and I've managed to buy a few books and a CD which should get me off to a flying start. I also had a quick peek through a lot of high street stores today and found nothing- not a thing. Surely I'm not bored of S/S09 yet?

Anyway, I hope you lot have had a great weekend and thanks to the few people who have dropped me messages and e-mails to say congratulations/well done on this week, it means a lot.

The outfit featured is geeky but chic- the type of thing I'd wear for a Saturday shopping trip with MYB or perhaps just round the house on a Sunday afternoon. The tee and printed body-con skirt are Topshop, the earrings and ring are available from Juicy Couture and the flats are by Bloch. But it's this bag that is the love for me- Yves Saint Laurent. This bag is £720 of pure love and lust- the colour, the sexiness, the simplicity....everything a girl needs in life!

Sims2. - by hollieanne on Polyvore.com

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for getting her bottom in gear.

So, the lack of blogging over the past two days has been for a very worthwhile reason. Of course, I cannot reveal a word but I can let you all know that I've never been happier, more inspired and nor have I felt more successful.

Sitting comfortably in my Ralph Lauren-esque cardigan and jeans, I find myself realising that the things I have in life are all the things I didn't want when I was 13/14. My father and I had some hysterical plan to travel together and my father- a slight wannabe hippy- always encouraged "free thinking" meaning that he would rather I avoided the "middle-class bore" side of life and spend my years studying art, dating men with long hair and travelling until I reached fifty, settled down on my own in a cottage in France and made a living from selling home-made wine.

However, my now stands that I vote Conservative, drink red wine in those wine bars my father hates, work hard to be a success in the media industry and plan a future with a short-haired broadcasting boss. I know A LOT of people would find that dull and boring- a life like any other- but I love the normality, I love the substance of my life in the form of love and success and life is only as dull as one makes it. I can still have a mortgage and have fun, right? Actually, I'll get back to you on that when I do have a mortgage- sure I won't be saying that than!

But today has been spent relaxing after the most beautifully successful week of my life to date (probably). I'm energised, excited, I feel alive and more than ready to double my load of work. I've never felt better.

I'd wear the outfit for today for dinner with MYB- my one and only love, the man who- and I never thought I'd say this about anyone- comes before career success. The Elizabeth and James satin blouse featured here is such a lovely colour for spring, I've gone for K Karl Lagerfeld waxed skinny jeans, some amazing cord heels by Stella McCartney and a pretty floral clutch from Topshop. The feminine daisy necklace is by Coach and the earrings are vintage. Finally, a STUNNING diamond ring by Cartier.

Stepping up.
Stepping up. - by hollieanne on Polyvore.com

Friday, 6 March 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for being too exhausted and sore to blog.

You would not believe what has happened in the past 36 hours.
Blog you later, guys.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Hollie-Anne dresses for no wifi.

Stuck in hotel, can't get internet access.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for being mad at MYB.

I'm super cross tonight. Why does my lovely other half have to be so bloody disorganised? Why does he always let me down? Why is it me that's left crying when he has work commitments after making some stupid promise that meant a lot to me? I hate BBC tonight.

OK, so I should be mad at the situation and not MYB himself but I'm in no doubt that tomorrow evening- as I prepare for one of the most important meetings of my life- will be minus MYB shaped hugs.

I hate being let down more than anything.

But if we're going to argue, why not do it in style? This outfit is fab and I love the dress which is by Richard Nicoll. I've used some platform sandals by Marni, a Balenciaga bag and a necklace by
Philip Crangi. I've added a pretty silk hairband and a rose ring by Forever21.

Argue. - by hollieanne on Polyvore.com

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for meeting teachers and doctors.

Busy day today that has resulted in a slight headache but I'm surviving. I've had a few worries, made a few mistakes and I nearly screamed at a computer but I think the addition of Wonder Woman underwear to my outfit today really has helped!

I spent some of today catching up with two dear friends of mine. J is a busy teacher but has recently divorced so he's moving out of the area and on to bigger and better things after Easter. D is a doctor and somehow managed to take today off. I was chuffed when I noticed my two boys had already bought me a skinny mocha in advance of my arrival. All three of us- a journalist, a doctor and a teacher- sat moaning about work in some way or another and rarely steered away from the subject of careers. Of course, we mentioned dating and I ended up dishing out stacks of advice to an eternal twenty-something singleton and a divorcee in his early thirties. The gentlemen in my company warned me though: "Make sure that man of yours takes bloody care of you, Hollie-Anne" warned J. Don't worry, he is!

It was so nice to catch up with friends that I haven't seen in a few months. Texting and phoning can feel nice but actually being there- 12 noon on a Tuesday afternoon with some expensive coffee and a couple of papers- is bliss. Thanks, you two!

I really like this outfit I've put together and I know my mother would approve- she's always trying to get me to wear more blue! The jeans a pretty belted tunic are from Dorothy Perkins whilst the bag and heels are from Topshop. The necklace featured here is by Juicy Couture and the pink gold ring is by Kimberly McDonald and is available from Brownsfashion.com for a shocking £11, 430!

A-Z of careers,
A-Z of careers, - by hollieanne on Polyvore.com

Monday, 2 March 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for writing lists.

I have an incredibly busy week this week but, sitting in bed in my pink nightwear, I'm left wondering just why I spent today being less than productive! One productive thing I did do was write endless lists: to-do lists, lists of friends I need to catch up with ASAP, lists filled with article ideas, lists of inspirational things I need to research, lists about possible outfits for a possible date I have with MYB later this week...

Rather than making lists, I should have just got on a done it all. But there's something therapeutic about seeing it all written down and knowing I'll get to draw a line through each and every one in time.

Tomorrow is a bit of a mixed up day- up early, have some work to do, coffee with some wonderful friends of mine, lots of stuff to print, shopping, meeting my father, sorting out plans with MYB... I just feel like I'm going to be running backwards and forwards constantly from one town to the next but perhaps it'll all make me super tired and I'll sleep better than I have been of late?

The outfit today is very much an all-rounder: suitable for the office, suitable for a date with MYB, suitable for meeting friends of lunch and suitable for having afternoon tea with my father. The green trench here is from Peacocks! I cannot believe such a beautiful coat would come from one of the cheaper High Street chains- look at the detailing on the neck! I know where I'm off to tomorrow. Under the trench I've gone for a neutral coloured Topshop jersey, some standard New Look jeans and then I've gone all out with some chocolate brown Louboutins. The ring, bag and necklace featured here are all available from Topshop.

Lists. - by hollieanne on Polyvore.com

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for MYB being 38!

Bugger, do you think MYB is OK with my revealing his age? Hope so! Anyway, as you may have gathered, My Yummy Bloke has his birthday today! I've known for for a few years and I think it's fair to say that the man is becoming incredibly more gorgeous as the years roll on. Well done me!

I recall last year very briefly. I remember the sun being really hot in London on a Saturday afternoon as I wandered around Hyde Park listening to music and then eventually popping into Laura Ashley to purchase a floral cushion I'd had my eye on for ages. That afternoon I sent MYB a picture message of me grinning on the sofa with said floral cushion looking pretty next to me and I wrote some generic happy birthday text.

This year isn't much different. I still don't get to spend his birthday with him because of the kids and I still find myself feeling a little low about it. Days like this hit me the hardest and I realise I'll never come first in the life of the man I am madly in love with. It's not a problem, as such, but I'm left to daydream about the plans I would have made for today (birthday cupcakes for breakfast, lunch with his parents, a pretty late afternoon walk and then I'd cook dinner in the evening with lots of champagne and cuddles).

I feel selfish to the point of tears. Why am I sat blogging about feeling sad about today when I should be happy for MYB? I am happy for MYB! But I want a cuddle from him. I wish things were more simple. I wish MYB would get over some little fears he has. I wish I was cooler and perhaps I'd go from the boring younger girlfriend to the one with an incredible music taste and perhaps impress his kids more. I wish I could have baked him a birthday cake or kissed him the very second he turned 38. Most of all, I wish our toes were touching right now as we watched Mean Girls or something equally as shallow but fabulous together.

I like the tiny things and I crave domestic bliss (cooking together, Sunday duvet days and working away on separate laptops but grinning at one another as we type e-mails).

I'll get on with the clothes, yeah? I've picked something rather glam for today, something incredibly beautiful and something that one would wear for cocktails in Mahiki. The colour theme would work brilliant with my colouring and this Jasmine Di Milo dress has been on my lust-list for ages. I've gone for simple but stunning Loutboutin heels, a Louboutin velvet clutch, a ring by Topshop, earrings by Kara Ross and bracelets by Philippe Audibert. Happy Birthday, MYB- I love you endlessly.

MYB is 38.
MYB is 38. - by hollieanne on Polyvore.com