Saturday, 7 March 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for getting her bottom in gear.

So, the lack of blogging over the past two days has been for a very worthwhile reason. Of course, I cannot reveal a word but I can let you all know that I've never been happier, more inspired and nor have I felt more successful.

Sitting comfortably in my Ralph Lauren-esque cardigan and jeans, I find myself realising that the things I have in life are all the things I didn't want when I was 13/14. My father and I had some hysterical plan to travel together and my father- a slight wannabe hippy- always encouraged "free thinking" meaning that he would rather I avoided the "middle-class bore" side of life and spend my years studying art, dating men with long hair and travelling until I reached fifty, settled down on my own in a cottage in France and made a living from selling home-made wine.

However, my now stands that I vote Conservative, drink red wine in those wine bars my father hates, work hard to be a success in the media industry and plan a future with a short-haired broadcasting boss. I know A LOT of people would find that dull and boring- a life like any other- but I love the normality, I love the substance of my life in the form of love and success and life is only as dull as one makes it. I can still have a mortgage and have fun, right? Actually, I'll get back to you on that when I do have a mortgage- sure I won't be saying that than!

But today has been spent relaxing after the most beautifully successful week of my life to date (probably). I'm energised, excited, I feel alive and more than ready to double my load of work. I've never felt better.

I'd wear the outfit for today for dinner with MYB- my one and only love, the man who- and I never thought I'd say this about anyone- comes before career success. The Elizabeth and James satin blouse featured here is such a lovely colour for spring, I've gone for K Karl Lagerfeld waxed skinny jeans, some amazing cord heels by Stella McCartney and a pretty floral clutch from Topshop. The feminine daisy necklace is by Coach and the earrings are vintage. Finally, a STUNNING diamond ring by Cartier.

Stepping up.
Stepping up. - by hollieanne on