Saturday, 14 March 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for being the fat best friend.

My BFF failed to call me yesterday which is massively unusual considering we chat about five times a day. As you may have noticed, I wasn't 100% sober when blogging last night so this prompted a silly phone call to my BFF at around 1am. Well, well, well, the little minx was with his new girlfriend- never expected that!

As a lot of you know, my BFF and I split over 2 years ago after a 2.5 year relationship. My BFF has never really had a serious relationship since we split but was always happy for MYB. But now that L has come onto the scene, it's weird for me to consider how our friendship might change and how L will take to me.

This evening, once L had finally gone home, my BFF called me and we had a little chat. As I'm a typical girl, I asked all about her hair style, dress sense and the like. L had left her cardigan in my BFF's bedroom and I pushed him to look at the size so I could build up a better visual image of L. My BFF looked (rightly or wrongly) and she's a ten. Fine, OK, wonderful. But that has left me wondering if I'll always be just seen as the fat best friend to her? Will L wonder what my BFF ever saw in me?

I know I'm being insecure, my BFF and I are best friends because we're two total idiots who have such a laugh and I hope L will see that. I'm not a size out of the ordinary, but I'm certainly not a 10. And as much as I have a wonderful man who adores my curves to pieces, I'm sat here doubting whether my BFF ever fancied me. Jesus, I'm being well silly.

I've dresses for meeting L tonight. When the day comes, I'm sure she'll like me but I know she'll think of me as that slightly odd and fashion obsessed magazine writer best friend of her bloke- and I quite like that! This pretty yellow top is from Milly, I've featured skinny pants by Alexander Wang and then gone all coral with accessories. The ruched coral bag is from Dorothy Perkins, the heels are ASOS and the earrings and ring are both Miss Selfridge.

I will always be the fat best friend.
I will always be the fat best friend. - by hollieanne on