Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for meeting teachers and doctors.

Busy day today that has resulted in a slight headache but I'm surviving. I've had a few worries, made a few mistakes and I nearly screamed at a computer but I think the addition of Wonder Woman underwear to my outfit today really has helped!

I spent some of today catching up with two dear friends of mine. J is a busy teacher but has recently divorced so he's moving out of the area and on to bigger and better things after Easter. D is a doctor and somehow managed to take today off. I was chuffed when I noticed my two boys had already bought me a skinny mocha in advance of my arrival. All three of us- a journalist, a doctor and a teacher- sat moaning about work in some way or another and rarely steered away from the subject of careers. Of course, we mentioned dating and I ended up dishing out stacks of advice to an eternal twenty-something singleton and a divorcee in his early thirties. The gentlemen in my company warned me though: "Make sure that man of yours takes bloody care of you, Hollie-Anne" warned J. Don't worry, he is!

It was so nice to catch up with friends that I haven't seen in a few months. Texting and phoning can feel nice but actually being there- 12 noon on a Tuesday afternoon with some expensive coffee and a couple of papers- is bliss. Thanks, you two!

I really like this outfit I've put together and I know my mother would approve- she's always trying to get me to wear more blue! The jeans a pretty belted tunic are from Dorothy Perkins whilst the bag and heels are from Topshop. The necklace featured here is by Juicy Couture and the pink gold ring is by Kimberly McDonald and is available from Brownsfashion.com for a shocking £11, 430!

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