Monday, 2 March 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for writing lists.

I have an incredibly busy week this week but, sitting in bed in my pink nightwear, I'm left wondering just why I spent today being less than productive! One productive thing I did do was write endless lists: to-do lists, lists of friends I need to catch up with ASAP, lists filled with article ideas, lists of inspirational things I need to research, lists about possible outfits for a possible date I have with MYB later this week...

Rather than making lists, I should have just got on a done it all. But there's something therapeutic about seeing it all written down and knowing I'll get to draw a line through each and every one in time.

Tomorrow is a bit of a mixed up day- up early, have some work to do, coffee with some wonderful friends of mine, lots of stuff to print, shopping, meeting my father, sorting out plans with MYB... I just feel like I'm going to be running backwards and forwards constantly from one town to the next but perhaps it'll all make me super tired and I'll sleep better than I have been of late?

The outfit today is very much an all-rounder: suitable for the office, suitable for a date with MYB, suitable for meeting friends of lunch and suitable for having afternoon tea with my father. The green trench here is from Peacocks! I cannot believe such a beautiful coat would come from one of the cheaper High Street chains- look at the detailing on the neck! I know where I'm off to tomorrow. Under the trench I've gone for a neutral coloured Topshop jersey, some standard New Look jeans and then I've gone all out with some chocolate brown Louboutins. The ring, bag and necklace featured here are all available from Topshop.

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