Sunday, 1 March 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for MYB being 38!

Bugger, do you think MYB is OK with my revealing his age? Hope so! Anyway, as you may have gathered, My Yummy Bloke has his birthday today! I've known for for a few years and I think it's fair to say that the man is becoming incredibly more gorgeous as the years roll on. Well done me!

I recall last year very briefly. I remember the sun being really hot in London on a Saturday afternoon as I wandered around Hyde Park listening to music and then eventually popping into Laura Ashley to purchase a floral cushion I'd had my eye on for ages. That afternoon I sent MYB a picture message of me grinning on the sofa with said floral cushion looking pretty next to me and I wrote some generic happy birthday text.

This year isn't much different. I still don't get to spend his birthday with him because of the kids and I still find myself feeling a little low about it. Days like this hit me the hardest and I realise I'll never come first in the life of the man I am madly in love with. It's not a problem, as such, but I'm left to daydream about the plans I would have made for today (birthday cupcakes for breakfast, lunch with his parents, a pretty late afternoon walk and then I'd cook dinner in the evening with lots of champagne and cuddles).

I feel selfish to the point of tears. Why am I sat blogging about feeling sad about today when I should be happy for MYB? I am happy for MYB! But I want a cuddle from him. I wish things were more simple. I wish MYB would get over some little fears he has. I wish I was cooler and perhaps I'd go from the boring younger girlfriend to the one with an incredible music taste and perhaps impress his kids more. I wish I could have baked him a birthday cake or kissed him the very second he turned 38. Most of all, I wish our toes were touching right now as we watched Mean Girls or something equally as shallow but fabulous together.

I like the tiny things and I crave domestic bliss (cooking together, Sunday duvet days and working away on separate laptops but grinning at one another as we type e-mails).

I'll get on with the clothes, yeah? I've picked something rather glam for today, something incredibly beautiful and something that one would wear for cocktails in Mahiki. The colour theme would work brilliant with my colouring and this Jasmine Di Milo dress has been on my lust-list for ages. I've gone for simple but stunning Loutboutin heels, a Louboutin velvet clutch, a ring by Topshop, earrings by Kara Ross and bracelets by Philippe Audibert. Happy Birthday, MYB- I love you endlessly.

MYB is 38.
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