Monday, 16 March 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for a new hair colour.

I am the biggest fan of ginger hair. Auburn, copper, apricot, deep amber...if it's anywhere near ginger, I heart it. I'd love to look like Nicola Roberts (although I'd opt for bigger boobs and a little more padding all over, really) or have naturally flame red hair that just makes a statement of pure unique beauty. Until I can change my DNA, I'll have to stick with a lifetime worth of hairdressing bills and home dye jobs.

Today, I had my hair coloured a shade called amber and I have never been happier! With the darkest of dark brown hair, I'll never get a bright ginger shade but I can currently be seen with a lovely deep ginger shade with little flicks of my past dark brown.

There's really something about having your hair coloured, isn't there? OK, so I'd never go blonde or pink or anything or the sort but I enjoy staying safe for a really healthy look that makes me smile as my newly coloured hair bounces in the wind full of shine and softness.

Therefore, the outfit pictured is all for co-ordinating with my new shade. I've gone for a bright blue and super pretty dress from Forever21 which would create a clashing but striking look with my hair. I've added some Miu Miu sandals, a bright blue bag from Pauric Sweeney and a little white rose ring from Wet Seal. Finally, a beautiful piece from one of my favourite designers, Alex Monroe.

New hair.
New hair. - by hollieanne on