Saturday, 31 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for a confusing but calm day.

I'm joyous at the fact that I have not ventured outside my home today and opted for the calm of an afternoon bubble bath, a brilliant novel and pesto. Normally I'm seen as a blur within the greed of modern weekend consumerism and I'm a typical buyer who shops for the pleasure whether in need of anything or not. But this weekend (well, this Saturday) I have felt the need to stay home and clean, wish away the hours by talking to my mother, socialise with family members, do some painting, sub edit some articles and think about prominent clothing brands and their marketing tactics. Good stuff!

I shall most probably spend tomorrow back in that consumerism blur with the occasional tense moment as my football team play their closest rivals in one of the biggest games in British football. There's something to be said about opting to divulge in home life: I used to get rather low when I found myself home all weekend due to not making plans or feeling ill but now I really enjoy it. I enjoy the thrill of using up a whole pint of skimmed milk during the day from unstoppable cups of tea or lighting candles in the front room and relaxing as their mango haze soaks my senses. Very pretty afternoon.

But my evening was tinged with a worry about my father. I'm not a girl to bite my tongue, especially when it comes to this man. When he called me later this evening I found it hard not to feel exasperated at his current plans which will end in tears from all. Why does he wish upon himself such a complicated love life and why does he need one so much? My father is ten years older than my darling boyfriend but acts like a teenager. MYB and I have pretty much always managed to keep things low-key despite an eighteen year age gap, busy lives, my illness and a slight hiccup in between. So why can't my father keep things simple with any woman he dates? Why can't he accept he does things to himself and face the consequences? Why am I so wrong when I gently inform him the beauty he was with this time last year was actually too good for him? He's admitted it himself before. I never mention my relationship with MYB to my father so why does he insist on informing me of every heartbeat and affair in his? I care not for another turn around in my life. No, not again.

Shall we discuss the outfit? I think so. This outfit is half similar to what I wore today, actually. I love maxi dresses but at nearly six foot I can get away with them and not have to wear heels. I love a plain maxi dress (seemingly, I wore a black one today) that I can jazz up with accessories. This blue number is from Forever21 and I've added a belt from ASOS. I've matched the colouring of the belt with a gorgeous Mulberry classic and used bronze/gold necklaces by Kenneth Jay Lane and Forever21. I'd tie my hair back in a simple side bun and add this sweet bow hair tie from Monsoon. Deep pinks are introduced with some wonderful Yves Saint Laurent flats and a flower ring by Kara Ross which is also seen here in an off-peach colour. Finally, for true casual chic, pile on the bangles like these from Topshop. And I'm calm once more...

He's annoyed my calm day.
He's annoyed my calm day. - by hollieanne on

Friday, 30 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for getting back to normal.

Very productive day in my little world. Woke this morning and booked two Beyonce tickets, went back off to sleep for a little while whilst wishing MYB was there to spend a lazy morning with me and then I spent the afternoon in town catching up on the much needed feeling of contentment which has been missing due to illness these past few days.

It was nice getting back to the normality of skinny coffee, Marks and Spencer, daily newspaper buying and freshly blow-dried hair. I devilishly read pages of the book I'm currently reading as I sat in Starbucks and I lost myself in daydreams of MYB and I chain smoking in Paris. I haven't felt like this all week; illness just makes me feel stupidly depressed and I cry more than most because I feel helpless and hate not being up and about and going at a million miles an hour.

My mother finished her first week of her new job so I met her at the hospital with a card and the biggest and most expensive bouquet of flowers I could find- she really deserved it.

The outfit for today is very sweet and I love the navy shades with the clashing pinks, oranges and browns of this Forever21 dress. Over the top of the dress I'd throw on a relaxed trench like this Mike and Chris one. I've added some navy flats, a pretty glitter beret by Coach and a clashing 3.1 Phillip Lim clutch. Lastly, I've added some flower rings with the neon pink one being from Topshop and the other from Forever21. Happy Friday!

Starbucks and flowers.
Starbucks and flowers. - by hollieanne on

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for UPS.

My BFF and I are, quite frankly, rather crazy. We have the sort of super silly friendship that I feel is rather rare. We bond over our private jokes which have lasted years and not a single person in the world can make me laugh as much as he can. We've been through everything together: bereavement, break-ups, career heartbreaks and finance issues. I doubt there is a single thing we couldn't do together.

And so this all brings me on to the theme for today. My BFF and I have a silly argument about the UPS mail service. Is it pronounced U.P.S or is it pronounced "ups" as in up and down? My BFF is a wee bit dim and thought it was the latter but I clearly knew it was single letters. So I e-mailed UPS today and explained our little situation. I explained that, if I were correct, I'd be forcing my BFF to wear my favourite pink lipstick.

I'm sure you all know I was correct, don't you? Thanks to the lovely UPS bloke who cleared it all up (or ups, even) and proved my stupid but gorgeous BFF wrong. So, BFF, you ready to pucker up?!

My outfit for today clearly celebrates my win. Dinner in style on my BFF as seen as he got it wrong. I've used some Dorothy Perkins jeans but dressed them up with gorgeous black Brian Atwood shoes. The silk cotton cardigan is by my future wedding dress designer, Oscar de la Renta. I've added a vintage bag, Juicy Couture ring and a Forever21 necklace. Finally, some Marc Jacobs sunglasses to wear as we drive through the country roads and farms near casa de BFF.

UPS - by hollieanne on

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for getting nervous about Uni.

I'm inpatient, this much is true. And so I called my top three universities this morning to ask about waiting times for replies and the responses terrified me.

OK, I can wait until March for replies due to the log of applications- I expected that answer- but I cannot deal with the thought of how many people are applying for my courses!

In all fairness, I have a lot going for me as far as my application goes (lots of work experience, a career as a freelance journalist and top grades on my course) so I don't have too much to worry about; I'll get into some university somewhere I'm sure. However, when you hear there are 1000 people applying for your course at a certain university, it kind of feels fine to have a little cry about it once you're put the phone down. Eeeek!

I'm still ill so today was a very scruffy jeans and t-shirt day but this outfit is a more stylish version on my Wonder Woman tee and dull jeans. I adore this incredible tee and it's by Lanvin (ahh, my one and only!). The jeans are a 7 for all Mankind bootcut pair but it's the accessories that really make this outfit so wonderful. I've used some pretty colour pop pink peep toe Louboutins, a huge hair bow from Forever21, some pretty flower studs also by Forever 21 and a brilliant bag by Longchamp. Until tomorrow...

Nerves. - by hollieanne on

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for television and tea.

I'm bored! I cannot take illness. I cannot take days off. And I certainly cannot take this exhaustion. And yet I have at least 3 more days of it. Kill me now!

This morning was odd; I woke up but kept drifting in and out on a super deep sleep that only lasted 10 minutes at a time. In the end, I went back to bed for several hours and only forced myself to wake up because my father was popping round for tea.

The guinea pigs and I sat watching mindless television pretty much all day. Reading hurt my eyes too much so that was, rather sadly, out of the question. How am I going to manage several more days? Shame MYB can't get away from work this week to come and spend some time listening to BBC World Service and reading the papers with me. One must remember it's the boyfriend that's middle aged and not self. Thus, note to self: have more fun! Anyway...

I looked horrid when my father came over earlier today but scrubbed up OK to pop out for a bit of fresh air. This pretty cardigan is Sonia by Sonia Rykiel, the jeans are True Religion and these stunning heels are Jimmy Choo. I've used some Banana Republic earrings, a Dorothy Perkins ring and an incredible Topshop bag. Finally, some vintage sunglasses to wear when my migraine becomes too much.

Television and tea with my father.
Television and tea with my father. - by hollieanne on

Monday, 26 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for tonsillitis.

"You got the tonsils" joked my darling BFF as I struggled not to cry this morning after a diagnosis of tonsillitis. I've been advised to spend at least five days indoors and relaxing but lectures, essays and freelance pieces are calling and I can't ignore them, can I? Anyway, I've seen a gorgeous bag from River Island that I must own so if that's not worth a trip out then I'm not sure what is.

I hardly slept last night and woke up freezing cold despite several blankets. I found myself sending MYB a text around 5am telling him how scared I was because I was in that much pain- sorry if it woke you, MYB. Luckily, early morning sympathy came from my other Boy that is my BFF. He's odd and has irregular sleeping patterns so I wasn't surprised to find him wide awake at 6am. We giggled for well over half an hour and it did add some comfort to what has been a dismal day.

MYB did call me to offer so major comfort during a break from his desk (a super rare opportunity, or so it appears of late) but I'd just drifted off into my first load of decent sleep in about 36 hours so was well mardy with him. Feel bad now but all I have to do is pout and he'll forgive me...or at least I hope!

Onto the outfit, however. It sounds vile but the primary colour of this look is the colour of my tongue and throat- a wonderful shade of white! The outfit is the definitive way to look gorgeous whilst being practical for keeping my fever down. This beautiful dress is See by Chloé and I've added some Jimmy Choo sandals in case one needs to pop out for jelly or chocolate custard (all I can swallow at the moment). The accessories are the main delight for this outfit with the stack rings by Chanel, a gorgeous Grecian style hairband, a Roberto Cavalli flower necklace and a total lust-worth Miu Miu bag.

Tonsillitis chic.
Tonsillitis chic. - by hollieanne on

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for swollen glands.

The psychical illnesses keep on coming and after a disturbed sleep, I find myself with really swollen glands. I've spent today with a huge migraine that ripped across my eyes and didn't disappear even after strong pills. Tomorrow morning will see me being tested for some kidney problem. When will this end? I feel exhausted!

However, despite feeling like death, I was able to do a wee bit of shopping for art supplies and a perfect piece of fashion beauty that holds more of a sentimental value between MYB and I than you'd think. A girl can always shop, right? In sickness and in health, as they say!

Apparently, according to my sensible BFF, I need to keep my neck warm in times of pain with my glands so I took such joy in going through my two (yes, two!) pashmina drawers and selecting the right one to go with a green and purple combination I'd already pre-planned for the day.

Sunday chic inspires the outfit for today but with an added need to stay warm and well. The striped top and perfect denim skirt are both by Cath Kidston and the flats are by the legend of Louboutin. I've gone for some pretty Rebecca Norman hoops, a Vanessa Bruno bag and a very plain blue scarf. Until tomorrow...

Swollen glands.
Swollen glands. - by hollieanne on

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for being shockingly cold.

It's official, if it wasn't bad enough that I'm going to be prodded by docs on Monday morning, I have a really bad chill. Sore throat? Check. Aching muscles? Super check. Headache? Yup, I've got it. And being so cold you feel like an ice cube? Oh yes!

The last time I was this cold was when I caught the winter sickness bug and spent the day hugging the radiator. I am layered up beyond belief- blankets, socks...the works- but my body is shivering so much. Make me warm up, please!

Despite feeling rather ill, I still managed the usual Saturday high street love-in but purchased little more than flat shoes in shades of pinks and yellow (hi, Banana Feet!) and a pretty flower ring. I did manage to pick up a grand (and heavy) total of six books- all chick lit minus one media theory book for good measure. Call me a geek if you will...

I do realise how chavtastic this outfit it but surely, when you're this cold, style is passed on for a dose of Victoria's Secret and Ugg boots? OK, forgive me this once. Yes? Good! I think I may have mentioned my guilty fashion pleasure of Victoria's Secret so that's why I've used a fab Victoria's Secret hoodie and bubblegum pink tee. Juicy Couture, my ultimate guilty fashion pleasure, comes in the form of some pale pink bottoms and the pink theme is carried on with socks from J Crew and Ugg boots. Now, the next two items will show you how cold I am- mittens from Lacoste and a woolly hat by wear indoors!

Freezing cold.
Freezing cold. - by hollieanne on

Friday, 23 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for a lazy day.

Woken up by a text from an old friend this morning, I was reluctant to leave the comfort of my blankets and bed socks but I may as well not have as today was spent in such a relaxing way. I should really have popped into campus to do some work but I was in appalling pain so opted for daytime television, Richard Dawkins and Elle magazine.

A hospital visit awaits me on Monday morning but we found out today that my Yummy Mummy will be starting her new job that same day so I'll be smiling no matter how many needles are pinned into me. Urgh, horrible idea.

OK, a pile of trashy gossip magazines are calling me so onto the outfit. The outfit is rather summery but with lovely blue winter tones and a sweet little outfit for doing little more than pottering about the house in and grabbing some groceries. This gorgeous floral dress is by 3.1 Phillip Lim and I'd pull the waist in a little with a Fendi belt. I've added a gorgeous Juicy Couture snowflake necklace, a ring by Monica Vinader, a beret available from Urban Outfitters and a wonderful soft leather tote by Miu Miu. Finally, some love/hate shoes that I think I'm rather in lust with.

Skimmed milk.
Skimmed milk. - by hollieanne on

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for being confused.

I've been suffering some silly psychical illness for a while which has been on/off; nothing serious but enough to kind of worry me. Last time it cropped up I had tests and hospital visits and it eventually went away after some medication. And that should have been that but now it's flared up again and I find myself in a load of pain. Ouch!

Tests were taken earlier in the week but they've come back totally fine. I'm confused!

I'm booked in for more tests on Monday but my tummy feels stupidly swollen, I'm exhausted and I could really do with a hug. I'm no expert in terms of science and medicine but I know something is up.

MYB, your cuddling duties are needed ASAP! I miss you.

I plan to rest for the next few days and perhaps, if he's free and is prepared to be my company for the day, have a light Sunday lunch with MYB. I've picked the outfit for today due to one thing- comfort! The outfit wouldn't look half bad on at all but it's something I'd wear to pop out for a pint of skimmed milk rather than lunch with friends. Another guilty fashion secret of mine is Victoria's Secret and that's where this lovable tee is from. I've paired it with silk trousers by Vanessa Bruno and some satin sneakers by Lanvin. Accessories come in the form of a cream Miss Selfridge chain bag, a fab but tacky ring by Forever21 and some super cosy earmuffs available from Monsoon. Happy Thursday, Everyone!

The tests were fine but I feel ill.
The tests were fine but I feel ill. - by hollieanne on

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for needing a hug.

I'm exhausted! I had a silly day which resulted in me fighting back tears as I walked to the station on my way home. Why am I never happy? The thing is, I've had a really successful day but I'm just way too competitive for my own liking.

I could really do with an MYB shaped hug, especially as seen as he was too busy to have a gossip with me last night. I had to curl up in bed with zero MYB giggles to send me off to sleep- bad times. And he hasn't text/e-mailed/called me all day! Where for art thou, MYB? Why am I suddenly in Ye Olde English times? I am cracking up with the tiredness.

I'd wear this outfit to hop in a cab over to MYB and make him hug me all night! The beautiful dress and heels are by the one and only Fendi and I've added a lust worthy Marc B bag. The feather hair clip, available from, would be gently pinned into twisted hair and I'd add these Pippa Small to set the look off. Finally, a wonderful Betsey Johnson tea party ring.

I need hugs.
I need hugs. by hollieanne

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for dressing in black!

I have become obsessed with the Fashion Darling that is a deep shade of black. This may not appear like anything major but I'm a girl who has never worn black apart from the odd cardigan, vest top or pair of tights.

My mother has already encouraged me to wear black but her lovely comments about how it looked so great on me just passed over my head as black looks great on everyone, right? Perhaps this is true and I've seen many a friend or family member wearing the shade a lot to make them look slimmer but I've never quite got it. Where's all the colour that makes you stand out?

As a bird with decent size hips (that, I can reveal, are 5lb lighter this week!) I've always stayed away from black for thinking people only thought I was wearing it to make myself look slimmer and I've always had confidence is my "hour glass with a bit of a tummy" shape. But the past few days have seen me purchasing a perfect black dress and the love of my life- a black leather jacket. Seeing myself in such a colour and adoring the way I look comes as a shock- much like that of a black-only woman loving the way she looked in bright orange.

Is my style growing up from splashes of purple, pink and yellows to a more serious look of sophisticated black shades or am I just embracing something long overdue? I think it's a mix of both things. In these credit crunch times, it's more about investment pieces and sensible tan boots, black leather jackets, patent black clutches and calf skimming black dresses all come into the equation of being long lasting and sensible. I'm wearing chic flats, dying my hair grown up shades of ginger and making use of sensible peach nail shades. Grow up style here I come! Although I do think the odd pink satin Primark hair bow might be creeping in.

The outfit styled for today is grown up but also fun too. The tee was my starting point for the outfit and it's by one of my all time favourite labels- Sonia by Sonia Rykiel. The skirt is tucked into a Topshop skirt and I've thrown a Miu Miu biker jacket over the top which has amazing pleating detail- well worth the £1,000+ price tag! I've added some black tights, Jil Sander biker boots, a gorgeous Chanel necklace and a Betsey Johnson lace detailed bag. Finally, pin hair back into a chic loose ponytail and tie in a red corsage for ultimate glam but gorgeousness!

Wearing black.
Wearing black. by hollieanne

Monday, 19 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for finishing her children's tv essay.

1000 words on children? I would rather have poked my eyes out with the heel of a Louboutin but I opted to study children's television as part of my genre assignment within media which was due in today. Children's television appealed to me because of the sociological and political factors surrounding it, as well as the Public Service Broadcasting issues that arise from it and the worrying future of the Hollywood influence. Phew! That was a lot, wasn't it?

I spent several exhausting hours in the library this afternoon adding some final touches but, on later inspection this evening, I've realised I've made two punctuation errors. The journalist making grammar errors? It appears so, my loves. I apologise to you and my lecturer!

Finishing the subject of television genres was a delight, really. It's a topic I'm vastly interested in but I've been feeling a little withdrawn of late so haven't been able to throw my heart into everything as much as I normally do. But I'm back and feeling a lot better than ever! Gone is my depressive episode that has been lingering for the past few weeks and in is the normal Hollie with the added additions of a new brighter shade of auburn hair and a fabulous black leather jacket. Bring on the distinction!

In honour of all things sickly sweet and child like, I've gone all Minnie Mouse on you! The tee is by American label Wet Seal and the skater skirt is by Topshop. For added Disney gorgeousness, I've gone for a ring and a pair of earrings by Disney Couture and a polkadot Cath Kidston bag. Finally, some grey See by Chloé ribbed tights and wonderful red platforms.

Children's TV.
Children's TV. by hollieanne

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for flowers.

I was given flowers today! What a wonderful surprise it was indeed and the pinks and reds of the buds sit beautifully on my inspiration desk on the right hand side of my bedroom.

So, as I'm sure you're all wonderful, who sent the pretty petals? I can tell you now that it certainly wasn't MYB and nor was it my Yummy Mummy. I can also inform you it wasn't a gesture of love from my BFF or an apology gift from my father. The flowers didn't come from Office Man or some lecturer of mine to say congratulations; they actually came from my Ellie! Ellie is the partner of my mother (my step-dad, if you will) and he bought them as a congratulations for my top marks in philosophy. It was really kind of him and I'm very grateful.

I last received flowers a few days before my sixteenth birthday and they were from my BFF who, back then, was my boyfriend. I was sent 12 red roses which lasted for weeks and I remember feeling ever so sophisticated at having flowers delivered to me. I was a loser, yeah?

I'd like MYB to buy me flowers but it's a bit of a silly romantic gesture with little thought and MYB knows very well that, to me, romance equals holding my hand over the dinner table or running me a bath when I'm exhausted. But. MYB, I would adore some lillies!

Another part of my day was finding the perfect pair of boots therefore I've popped a beautiful pair Miu Miu patent boots in this set. The boots are in good company with a black polo neck, simple black ribbed tights and a beautiful floral dress by Forever21. The glam earrings and pretty petal ring are also by American label Forever21 and this wonderful piece of arm candy is by Stella McCartney. Until tomorrow...

Someone gave me flowers...
Someone gave me flowers... by hollieanne

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for cosmetics shopping.

What a fabulous day! Don't you just love the days when you swish around town with nothing but your mother and a fringe bag on your arm? Perfect!

Today I said hello to S/S09 ("S/S09? You're such a geek!"- MYB) with a nod to new florals in coral and feather hair accessories. I'm adoring the new season stuff already with the boho look and pretty feminine shades already filtering through onto the high street. Marks and Spencer added soft grey shades and bright blues and pinks to their Limited Collection and New Look showcased a mix of ghastly patterns and pretty frills. On my high street wish list after today? A M&S patent pink tote, a M&S boyfriend blazer, a black leather jacket I spied in New Look and some Marc Jacobs-a-like satin heels from Clarks.

But mummy and I left the clothing behind for all of a few minutes and headed to the cosmetics counter. As I'm sure I've documented on my blog before, my Yummy Mummy has never been one for designer items and favoured cheap alternatives which would never last as long but today I convinced her, in lure of her new career, to really splash out. With thanks to the usual amazing service at the Chanel cosmetics counter, we purchased mascaras, blushers from the new season collection and lipsticks all to give her a boost on her first day. And me? Well, Mummy and I always share but I think I'll be keeping my classic Miami Peach Chanel nail polish all for me.

As I adore Chanel cosmetics so much (the quality, the shades available and the wonderful service and advice), I've added three Chanel pieces to the outfit selected for today. Firstly, we have this timeless yet colourful tweed jacket which is mixed with a curved 2.55 black bag and a pretty flower ring. Coming in a little closer to most price bands, I've used some Acne skinny jeans, a Topshop tee and some quilted French Sole flats. Happy Saturday, Guys!

Cosmetics. by hollieanne

Friday, 16 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for celebrations.

We all went out for dinner tonight- all five of us in a giggling gang and sitting by the roaring fire as we munched on Italian meats and peppered strawberries. It was a wonderful evening coupled with ridiculous laughter and masses of wine.

Tonight we were celebrating a birthday, a new job and- perhaps as a side note- my philosophy success. In Britain, especially, we're never ones to give praise but it's always nice to raise a glass and celebrate. I'm feeling stupidly low of late but to see others shine lifts my spirits to no end and I'm elated to know such a talented, gorgeous and considerate bunch of people. Thanks, Guys!

Tonight I went for a rather sweet little bohemian look which is very typical of my style; tassels, long necklaces and plaited hair. This pretty dress, which would look gorgeous with a tan, is a cheap but chic little number from Forever21. I've added some Giuseppe Zanotti Leather gladiator sandals, a fringe bag available from Urban Outfitters and a wonderful feather necklace. Finally, pin this corsage into your hair for a sweet little look.

Out for dinner.
Out for dinner. by hollieanne

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for congratulating her Meme!

My darling mother, after a few months out of work due to being made redundant, landed a dream job today! I am SO utterly proud as she's been so sad since she was made redundant a little while back.

I'd finished lectures for the day and my mother and I met up in search of a perfect black skirt and pretty tan boots. We were gossiping about the usual when, after only an hour of arriving back from her interview, my Yummy Mummy receives a call to say it's good news! Having just purchased tassel bags and cheap Chanel-a-like pumps, we burst into huge tears of happiness.

I'm unsure when she starts but it's very soon and my Yummy Mummy and I are both looking forward to shopping for her new work wardrobe. Well done, Yummy Mummy!

In other news, I gained a Distinction for my philosophy exam meaning I'm on an A grade for the first term. I'm elated. Today is a good day.

I've designed the outfit today as something my Yummy Mummy could wear on her first day as a biology assistant. Although restrictions will be enforced on her choice of clothing, she'd still look gorgeous in this even if it were only to wear on the journey there and back. The pretty tea dress is Diane von Furstenberg- I love the sleeves on this! I've added some maroon Topshop tights, a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag and a topaz watch by Kenneth Jay Lane. The pretty floral earrings and grey Mary-Jane shoes are by Forever21. Well done once more, Yummy Mum!

Congratulations, Mummy!
Congratulations, Mummy! by hollieanne

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for asking for an extension.

As a journalist, I've become an expert in reaching my deadlines no matter what but my standards have somewhat slipped in the mist of feeling rather low lately and so it comes as a slight disappointment to oneself to have to send off an e-mail to a lecturer tonight and ask for a deadline extension.

I hate the idea of asking for an extension but I know it has to be done to produce the best piece of work possible. If my deadline request is rejected, well, I'm sure I'll manage at a push but I really need to make sure I get top grades and I think just a few more days would help.

I admit that I'm struggling right now. The slight feelings of depression and exhaustion can become too much during the day to the point that I am deadly silent towards others and find myself unable to concentrate. I'm sure I'll snap out of it at any moment and I should really stop feeling so apologetic for it all: 'm feeling a little overwhelmed by an illness I continue to battle- why am I so sorry for it all? Asking for an extension is nothing to be ashamed of but perhaps something to be proud of in the way of being able to ask for help and not sinking.

MYB is out tonight with his two but I don't by half wish he was here to talk me through this. I love the fact that MYB has been there and done the whole education thing so he can always provide me with such wise words- and cuddles!

The outfit that I've styled for today would be a wonderful choice to step into any lecturers office, bat your eyelids and ask for a little longer to type up that essay. The outfit is smart but student-chic. This beautiful blouse is by one of my favourite labels, Antik Batik. I've added some 7 For All Mankind bootcut jeans, wonderful Grecian lace-ups by Carvela and a studded bag by Dorothy Perkins. Jewellery is in the form of a glam rock by Vera Wang and super pretty Kenneth Jay Lane feather necklace. Wish me luck!

Deadline. by hollieanne

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for missing blogging.

Hi, Everyone! How are you all? Ah, how I've missed you. I guess I should start with an explanation as to the absence of Dressing For for the past few days. Basically, several family members of mine have been seriously ill and I've had to focus on my family which I'm sure you can all understand. Nothing ever gets in the way of creating a daily entry- personal illness, deadlines, raging tiredness- but this just had to be put to the side for a few days due to such an emergency. I apologise for my absence and thanks to the people who have e-mailed asking if everything is fine. Dressing For resumes as from now!

I'm looking forward to getting back into the regular routine of styling and blogging every day and, despite the fact I've only been away since Thursday, I feel I'm getting withdrawal symptoms.

I have very little to do today apart from see my father (in half an hour- eeek!) and make lots of inspiration diagrams. Today's outfit is bright and pretty and perfect for wearing when working at home and needing a little boost from your outfit. I adore this Juicy Couture sunflower dress and it's defiantly being added to my "When I Am Thin" list. I've gone for browns and bronze to set off the pink with a vintage bag, a wonderful owl ring by and some statement wedges by Burberry Prorsum. Last night I tied three plaits across the front of my forehead like a hairband and secured them with a pretty corsage just like these pink and brown ones. And to make a final, more personal addition, to today's outfit- a Marni bracelet. MYB, darling, M-A-R-N-I, OK? But make mine a necklace. Thanks, Sweetie!

I've missed blogging.
I've missed blogging. by hollieanne

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for unforeseen circumstances.

Today's post will not be live due to a family emergency.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for missing the bus.

It's a lame subject, I know. But I did miss the bus today and it did really upset me. It's odd but a tiny event such as missing the bus would normally set my BPD into overdrive and I'd become a bit manic and cry my eyes out but not today- thank you hormones!

I guess the worst thing about missing the bus is having to stand out in the freezing cold until the next one and today has been especially cold but I was aided by an immense H&M scarf which more than kept the chill out.

On a side note, yesterday marked 100 really successful days of Dressing For! I'd like to thank everyone who has e-mailed me such kind words in relation to the blog and I look forward to reaching the next 100 posts.

The outfit today is everyday glamour with some pretty heels for me to stomp about in in anger after the bus incident. The double breasted coat is by Alice + Olivia and I love the colouring of it. Tibi, one of my favourite labels, have created this wondrous bow dress and I've added some white tights and pretty peach heels by Sonia Rykiel. The bag is Urban Outfitters, the earrings are Juicy Couture and I've added a pretty little bow ring to finish off the look.

Missing the bus. by hollieanne

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for her Dateiversary.

It's my Dateiversary! Actually, the Dateiversary of both MYB and myself. Wondering what it is? Well, my Loves, today marks two years since MYB and I had our very first date! OK, so we haven't been together for 2 years but two years ago today we had our first ever romantic date. And, I can safely say, it was one of the most wonderful days of my life.

On the day that MYB and I went out together romantically, I made the decision to change how things were and within two weeks I was interviewing my favourite band for a journalism piece. What can I say? The man inspires me to no end. It was also the second time I'd ever been to London (I was staying with my BBF for a week or two at the time) and walking through the streets of Kensington, visiting the V&A and walking past LCF students made me realise that this is where I had to be. And nine months later I was. That day changed my life forever.

And I've adored MYB more and more each day since then. It's taken us a long while to finally sort ourselves out and get together properly but it's been more than worth the wait. OK, so we're not in the most straight forward of relationships in terms of the age-gap and his extra family but I wouldn't change it for the world. I'm not saying I want to spend forever with MYB but what I am saying is that, on Janurary 6th 2007, it clicked with me that it was him and only him. Always.

MYB and I are spending this coming weekend together (can't wait!) but this outfit fits the bill for a pretty romantic evening. The dress is by Giambattista Valli; I adore this label and plan to marry in one of their dresses (or an Oscar de la Renta number). I'd pin on this pretty poppy brooch and continue the theme with an ASOS hairband and Chloé ring. The look is stimulated with some incredible heels by Alexander McQueen and a Chanel bag. Finally, for my darling MYB who will remember all those moments we shared in the rain that day- a poppy umbrella!

Dateiversary. by hollieanne

Monday, 5 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for tears in class.

I've felt really close to tears all day today over a number of things but thought my tiny cry in the bath would have been it for the day. Apparently not. I felt brilliant during my usual pre-lecture Monday Starbucks but once I arrived at my lecture and realised it would be a group oral assignment, I began to get nervous.

My lecturer knows I haven't felt brilliant over the festive period so when my eyes were kept to the ground during the group chat and when I had to leave mid-sentence to go the bathroom to cry, it didn't come as a shock. I just now feel like an idiot.

MYB and I were both exhausted last night and incredibly stressed so our conversation ended up with me snapping at him and then feeling really guilty. And I guess that's why I cried today because I do feel terribly bad for snapping, even though I apologised a million times. Once more? OK, then: sorry, MYB!

My outfit for today represents that happy/sad feeling I've had with a lovely pink colour and a dark tone. I adore this shirt and wish I could feel more confident in a plaid shirt and I think this one might give me that boost. The jeans are Sass & Bide, the bag is a steal from Republic for only £14.99 and the incredible heels are Yves Saint Laurent. Finally, the earrings can be bought from Forever21, the watch is Juicy Couture and the darling ring is by Louis Vitton.

Tears. by hollieanne

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for preparing to go back to college.

Tomorrow evening will see me have my first class of 2009 and I'm very much looking forward to it. Being out of the college routine and not getting on the bus every morning and seeing my regular people has really displeased me- I am a routine addict.

The next few months will be rather odd as in both English language and media we'll focus on journalism. I feel zero excitement towards it as you'd expect but I am in fact dreading it and feel a certain pressure on myself from both my peers and my tutors. Whereas English language will be more focused on the wording and structure of articles, media will see me doing out and about reporting. Of course I'll have a clear advantage but it's a worry to me that my tutors or peers just won't "get" my style; it's a natural worry and I have exactly the same worry when meeting new editors and fellow journalists so I need to remember that I've been successful before and can be again.

Today saw me having a raging argument with my father and then doing lots of work to make sure I'm all prepared for tomorrow and the coming week. I'm spending the weekend with MYB so want to make sure I have enough work done this week so I can spend the entire weekend snuggled up and eating toast with my love.

Dressing For is super bright today! I've been feeling quite low so wanted an outfit that would cheer me up and I'd probably wear this for an evening lecture so the colour could keep me wide awake! The cute tee is by Wet Seal, the pretty pink skater skirt is Topshop and the bag is vintage. The gorgeous pink Mary-Jane shoes are from Faith and are matched to the colour theme with some yellow tights. Finally, we have a beret by Miss Selfridge and some pretty jewellery.

Preparing. by hollieanne

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for making notes.

I'm exhausted today. Really, if all had gone how I wanted it to, I should have been spending this weekend with MYB at his place but sadly it's been delayed until next weekend. Must admit I was a bit gutted but he never promised anything and he is a daddy so all is forgiven.

In absence of constant kisses and beautiful hand-in-hand countryside walks, I've kicked off my weekend by making an abundance of notes on everything from television to British history to Brixton to future political change. I need said notes for various projects and my thoughts that it would be boring were dashed after I spent about five hours listening to music and learning so many new things.

My brain has had a total workout today and I needed a physical one too so I did another hour long run and feel incredible for it. I'm doing well!

The outfit for today is clearly not designed for the gym but is designed for an entire afternoon spent sitting at my desk listening to Zero 7 with notebooks, glue and scissors for snipping at bits from newspapers and every colour pen I'd ever need for colour coding. The waistcoat is Superfine, the tee is Luella and the simple but chic skirt is Forever21. I've gone for bright blue tights from Toast, the bag is vintage and the watch is Marc by Marc Jacobs. Finally, some fabulous floral Dr Martens to finish the look!

Making notes. by hollieanne

Friday, 2 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for going running.

I am successfully sticking to my resolution and, although it's only 48 hours into the year, I feel brilliant! I made the decision that my ill fated Converse, which I sometimes used for the gym, were going to cause me a stupid amount of pain if I carried on using them for sport. MYB, the sensible one in our relationship, informed me of ever so many troubles that bad footwear would cause for my spine and the like so I made a trip to a sports store (a sports store!) and picked up some new footwear which I simply purchased out of my love for the silver and pink colouring.

This evening I threw on my gym wear, popped my iPod in my ears and went jogging/running for an hour with Rihanna blasting in my ears. I aim to do it around three times a week and perhaps attend some yoga classes by the end of the month.

Therefore, in the need to feel fashionable and fit, I've picked an outfit created entirely from the ADIDAS and Stella McCartney fusion rather simply because it's the most gorgeous and desirable sportswear out there. But I must add that the water bottle is by William Morris.

Running. by hollieanne

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for the new year.

Happy New Year! What are your plans for 2009? I'm sure we've all made resolutions, most of them ones we make and break each year, and promised ourselves a better year than the last but I really do think I'll stick to mine. I've been meaning to make a few life changes for a while, mainly involving the size of my hips, so now appears like the perfect time. With Christmas and New Year food and drink pretty much out of the window, I'll be replacing my large glass of wine on an evening for a small one once a week and my chocolate breaks during Monday evening lectures will soon turn into fruit breaks- small changes but they'll do.

Apart from the weight issue, I have the follow plans/resolutions:

1) Go for a mini-break with MYB outside the UK: this is a major one for me (and MYB, of course) as we're both long overdue a holiday. Sadly, we need to straighten things out a little to make sure everyone is fine with us jetting off but that should be sorted by the end of the month and we can then look forward to a little European boutique hotel break. Fun times!

2) Read more: I adore reading, especially media/fashion/marketing/self-help books and need to set time aside each evening to do an hour or so of it. Rather than browsing Facebook for half an hour, I need to pick up that marketing book and learn, learn, learn!

3) Cut down phone calls to the BBF: 5 times a day isn't good for my finances and I could be reading and the like during that time. Shall aim to make it only twice a day from now on!

4) Take more photographs: now that I have my beloved new camera, it shouldn't be a problem. And I've started a Project 365 on Flickr!

5) Make sure my nails are always painted nicely: I currently have a weird grey and pink polka dot thing going on but at least they look perfect. No more chipped nails!

It looks a lot but they're small life changes I've already began to make and look forward to the affect.

I spent today at a hospital appointment and then came home to spend a while cuddling the guinea pigs and taking photos of them: New Year's Day is always dull, right? Therefore, the outfit I've picked for today is casual and will do perfectly for meeting Your Boy for a pub lunch. The Topshop tee is a perfect way to start the year as I aim to be Wonder Woman all year through! The wide leg trousers, a definite staple in any wardrobe, are by Luella Ike and the earrings are, again, Topshop. Keeping with two main colours, I've gone for blue heels from Forever21 and this beauty by Chloé. Red is represented by a Miss Selfridge beret and some pretty gloves by Mulberry. Hope you keep your resolutions!

01/01/2009. by hollieanne