Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for getting nervous about Uni.

I'm inpatient, this much is true. And so I called my top three universities this morning to ask about waiting times for replies and the responses terrified me.

OK, I can wait until March for replies due to the log of applications- I expected that answer- but I cannot deal with the thought of how many people are applying for my courses!

In all fairness, I have a lot going for me as far as my application goes (lots of work experience, a career as a freelance journalist and top grades on my course) so I don't have too much to worry about; I'll get into some university somewhere I'm sure. However, when you hear there are 1000 people applying for your course at a certain university, it kind of feels fine to have a little cry about it once you're put the phone down. Eeeek!

I'm still ill so today was a very scruffy jeans and t-shirt day but this outfit is a more stylish version on my Wonder Woman tee and dull jeans. I adore this incredible tee and it's by Lanvin (ahh, my one and only!). The jeans are a 7 for all Mankind bootcut pair but it's the accessories that really make this outfit so wonderful. I've used some pretty colour pop pink peep toe Louboutins, a huge hair bow from Forever21, some pretty flower studs also by Forever 21 and a brilliant bag by Longchamp. Until tomorrow...

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