Monday, 26 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for tonsillitis.

"You got the tonsils" joked my darling BFF as I struggled not to cry this morning after a diagnosis of tonsillitis. I've been advised to spend at least five days indoors and relaxing but lectures, essays and freelance pieces are calling and I can't ignore them, can I? Anyway, I've seen a gorgeous bag from River Island that I must own so if that's not worth a trip out then I'm not sure what is.

I hardly slept last night and woke up freezing cold despite several blankets. I found myself sending MYB a text around 5am telling him how scared I was because I was in that much pain- sorry if it woke you, MYB. Luckily, early morning sympathy came from my other Boy that is my BFF. He's odd and has irregular sleeping patterns so I wasn't surprised to find him wide awake at 6am. We giggled for well over half an hour and it did add some comfort to what has been a dismal day.

MYB did call me to offer so major comfort during a break from his desk (a super rare opportunity, or so it appears of late) but I'd just drifted off into my first load of decent sleep in about 36 hours so was well mardy with him. Feel bad now but all I have to do is pout and he'll forgive me...or at least I hope!

Onto the outfit, however. It sounds vile but the primary colour of this look is the colour of my tongue and throat- a wonderful shade of white! The outfit is the definitive way to look gorgeous whilst being practical for keeping my fever down. This beautiful dress is See by ChloƩ and I've added some Jimmy Choo sandals in case one needs to pop out for jelly or chocolate custard (all I can swallow at the moment). The accessories are the main delight for this outfit with the stack rings by Chanel, a gorgeous Grecian style hairband, a Roberto Cavalli flower necklace and a total lust-worth Miu Miu bag.

Tonsillitis chic.
Tonsillitis chic. - by hollieanne on