Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for missing blogging.

Hi, Everyone! How are you all? Ah, how I've missed you. I guess I should start with an explanation as to the absence of Dressing For for the past few days. Basically, several family members of mine have been seriously ill and I've had to focus on my family which I'm sure you can all understand. Nothing ever gets in the way of creating a daily entry- personal illness, deadlines, raging tiredness- but this just had to be put to the side for a few days due to such an emergency. I apologise for my absence and thanks to the people who have e-mailed asking if everything is fine. Dressing For resumes as from now!

I'm looking forward to getting back into the regular routine of styling and blogging every day and, despite the fact I've only been away since Thursday, I feel I'm getting withdrawal symptoms.

I have very little to do today apart from see my father (in half an hour- eeek!) and make lots of inspiration diagrams. Today's outfit is bright and pretty and perfect for wearing when working at home and needing a little boost from your outfit. I adore this Juicy Couture sunflower dress and it's defiantly being added to my "When I Am Thin" list. I've gone for browns and bronze to set off the pink with a vintage bag, a wonderful owl ring by modcloth.com and some statement wedges by Burberry Prorsum. Last night I tied three plaits across the front of my forehead like a hairband and secured them with a pretty corsage just like these pink and brown ones. And to make a final, more personal addition, to today's outfit- a Marni bracelet. MYB, darling, M-A-R-N-I, OK? But make mine a necklace. Thanks, Sweetie!

I've missed blogging.
I've missed blogging. by hollieanne