Friday, 2 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for going running.

I am successfully sticking to my resolution and, although it's only 48 hours into the year, I feel brilliant! I made the decision that my ill fated Converse, which I sometimes used for the gym, were going to cause me a stupid amount of pain if I carried on using them for sport. MYB, the sensible one in our relationship, informed me of ever so many troubles that bad footwear would cause for my spine and the like so I made a trip to a sports store (a sports store!) and picked up some new footwear which I simply purchased out of my love for the silver and pink colouring.

This evening I threw on my gym wear, popped my iPod in my ears and went jogging/running for an hour with Rihanna blasting in my ears. I aim to do it around three times a week and perhaps attend some yoga classes by the end of the month.

Therefore, in the need to feel fashionable and fit, I've picked an outfit created entirely from the ADIDAS and Stella McCartney fusion rather simply because it's the most gorgeous and desirable sportswear out there. But I must add that the water bottle is by William Morris.

Running. by hollieanne