Saturday, 24 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for being shockingly cold.

It's official, if it wasn't bad enough that I'm going to be prodded by docs on Monday morning, I have a really bad chill. Sore throat? Check. Aching muscles? Super check. Headache? Yup, I've got it. And being so cold you feel like an ice cube? Oh yes!

The last time I was this cold was when I caught the winter sickness bug and spent the day hugging the radiator. I am layered up beyond belief- blankets, socks...the works- but my body is shivering so much. Make me warm up, please!

Despite feeling rather ill, I still managed the usual Saturday high street love-in but purchased little more than flat shoes in shades of pinks and yellow (hi, Banana Feet!) and a pretty flower ring. I did manage to pick up a grand (and heavy) total of six books- all chick lit minus one media theory book for good measure. Call me a geek if you will...

I do realise how chavtastic this outfit it but surely, when you're this cold, style is passed on for a dose of Victoria's Secret and Ugg boots? OK, forgive me this once. Yes? Good! I think I may have mentioned my guilty fashion pleasure of Victoria's Secret so that's why I've used a fab Victoria's Secret hoodie and bubblegum pink tee. Juicy Couture, my ultimate guilty fashion pleasure, comes in the form of some pale pink bottoms and the pink theme is carried on with socks from J Crew and Ugg boots. Now, the next two items will show you how cold I am- mittens from Lacoste and a woolly hat by wear indoors!

Freezing cold.
Freezing cold. - by hollieanne on