Saturday, 3 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for making notes.

I'm exhausted today. Really, if all had gone how I wanted it to, I should have been spending this weekend with MYB at his place but sadly it's been delayed until next weekend. Must admit I was a bit gutted but he never promised anything and he is a daddy so all is forgiven.

In absence of constant kisses and beautiful hand-in-hand countryside walks, I've kicked off my weekend by making an abundance of notes on everything from television to British history to Brixton to future political change. I need said notes for various projects and my thoughts that it would be boring were dashed after I spent about five hours listening to music and learning so many new things.

My brain has had a total workout today and I needed a physical one too so I did another hour long run and feel incredible for it. I'm doing well!

The outfit for today is clearly not designed for the gym but is designed for an entire afternoon spent sitting at my desk listening to Zero 7 with notebooks, glue and scissors for snipping at bits from newspapers and every colour pen I'd ever need for colour coding. The waistcoat is Superfine, the tee is Luella and the simple but chic skirt is Forever21. I've gone for bright blue tights from Toast, the bag is vintage and the watch is Marc by Marc Jacobs. Finally, some fabulous floral Dr Martens to finish the look!

Making notes. by hollieanne