Sunday, 18 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for flowers.

I was given flowers today! What a wonderful surprise it was indeed and the pinks and reds of the buds sit beautifully on my inspiration desk on the right hand side of my bedroom.

So, as I'm sure you're all wonderful, who sent the pretty petals? I can tell you now that it certainly wasn't MYB and nor was it my Yummy Mummy. I can also inform you it wasn't a gesture of love from my BFF or an apology gift from my father. The flowers didn't come from Office Man or some lecturer of mine to say congratulations; they actually came from my Ellie! Ellie is the partner of my mother (my step-dad, if you will) and he bought them as a congratulations for my top marks in philosophy. It was really kind of him and I'm very grateful.

I last received flowers a few days before my sixteenth birthday and they were from my BFF who, back then, was my boyfriend. I was sent 12 red roses which lasted for weeks and I remember feeling ever so sophisticated at having flowers delivered to me. I was a loser, yeah?

I'd like MYB to buy me flowers but it's a bit of a silly romantic gesture with little thought and MYB knows very well that, to me, romance equals holding my hand over the dinner table or running me a bath when I'm exhausted. But. MYB, I would adore some lillies!

Another part of my day was finding the perfect pair of boots therefore I've popped a beautiful pair Miu Miu patent boots in this set. The boots are in good company with a black polo neck, simple black ribbed tights and a beautiful floral dress by Forever21. The glam earrings and pretty petal ring are also by American label Forever21 and this wonderful piece of arm candy is by Stella McCartney. Until tomorrow...

Someone gave me flowers...
Someone gave me flowers... by hollieanne