Saturday, 31 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for a confusing but calm day.

I'm joyous at the fact that I have not ventured outside my home today and opted for the calm of an afternoon bubble bath, a brilliant novel and pesto. Normally I'm seen as a blur within the greed of modern weekend consumerism and I'm a typical buyer who shops for the pleasure whether in need of anything or not. But this weekend (well, this Saturday) I have felt the need to stay home and clean, wish away the hours by talking to my mother, socialise with family members, do some painting, sub edit some articles and think about prominent clothing brands and their marketing tactics. Good stuff!

I shall most probably spend tomorrow back in that consumerism blur with the occasional tense moment as my football team play their closest rivals in one of the biggest games in British football. There's something to be said about opting to divulge in home life: I used to get rather low when I found myself home all weekend due to not making plans or feeling ill but now I really enjoy it. I enjoy the thrill of using up a whole pint of skimmed milk during the day from unstoppable cups of tea or lighting candles in the front room and relaxing as their mango haze soaks my senses. Very pretty afternoon.

But my evening was tinged with a worry about my father. I'm not a girl to bite my tongue, especially when it comes to this man. When he called me later this evening I found it hard not to feel exasperated at his current plans which will end in tears from all. Why does he wish upon himself such a complicated love life and why does he need one so much? My father is ten years older than my darling boyfriend but acts like a teenager. MYB and I have pretty much always managed to keep things low-key despite an eighteen year age gap, busy lives, my illness and a slight hiccup in between. So why can't my father keep things simple with any woman he dates? Why can't he accept he does things to himself and face the consequences? Why am I so wrong when I gently inform him the beauty he was with this time last year was actually too good for him? He's admitted it himself before. I never mention my relationship with MYB to my father so why does he insist on informing me of every heartbeat and affair in his? I care not for another turn around in my life. No, not again.

Shall we discuss the outfit? I think so. This outfit is half similar to what I wore today, actually. I love maxi dresses but at nearly six foot I can get away with them and not have to wear heels. I love a plain maxi dress (seemingly, I wore a black one today) that I can jazz up with accessories. This blue number is from Forever21 and I've added a belt from ASOS. I've matched the colouring of the belt with a gorgeous Mulberry classic and used bronze/gold necklaces by Kenneth Jay Lane and Forever21. I'd tie my hair back in a simple side bun and add this sweet bow hair tie from Monsoon. Deep pinks are introduced with some wonderful Yves Saint Laurent flats and a flower ring by Kara Ross which is also seen here in an off-peach colour. Finally, for true casual chic, pile on the bangles like these from Topshop. And I'm calm once more...

He's annoyed my calm day.
He's annoyed my calm day. - by hollieanne on