Sunday, 1 February 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for the end of a rather nice weekend.

I'm a writer so I should have a problem with the word 'nice' but I do not thus I am using it to describe my weekend. My weekend was a rather divine old one with comfort being the key word. There was lots of Moloko, half drunk glasses of all sorts and cold toes as it snowed.

I ended last night in bed with a fabulous novel a la some 40something. Blissfully happy and locked in a tale of 1930s photographs turning up in library books, MYB called me and I had a decent little moan about my father. MYB and I ended up chatting and giggling for a while and I tried to go sleep but couldn't stop grinning from the previous conversation. Needless to say, I am exhausted today after several hours of early hours texting with my love. Worth it though!

My mother, brothers and I took a brief but sweet shopping trip today and had lunch together. I returned home to find snow and a decent hour on the clock so I took the Sunday newspapers and supplements and spent a while flicking through and reading whatever grabbed my attention enough. The rest of the night has been novel reading, novel writing and Stella McCartney geekiness with MYB. Sunday evening is a rather busy time at his place but I'm hoping to steal him for five minutes tonight to remind him I need his old magazine articles ASAP.

Also, have you ever shared a silly moment of "made up French" madness with your BFF which ended in laughter over the French word for 'goat'? No? Just us then...

I created the outfit for today with Sunday style very much in mind; that need to look stylish as you have lunch out and do some shopping but to also relish in the last few hours before office attire is needed. I've been in love with this Roberto Cavalli blouse for some time now and have finally used it in a set. As much as the the blouse would look great during the week with smart trousers, I've used some Kate Moss for Topshop white skinny jeans and added a flat silver sandal by Miu Miu. Keeping with the silver tones, I've gone for a large bag by See by ChloƩ and jewellery by Chanel. Hope you've had a great weekend!

Sunday times.
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