Friday, 13 February 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for an up and down day.

Friday 13th is supposed to be unlucky, right? It's all supposed to be about sadness and bad accidents and a general feeling of nerves. So why did all the bad stuff that happened to me today have an equal in some good luck?

I have had some bad luck today, it made me cry a lot, but I've had such thrilling news that I've found myself in tears of happiness. I'm not sure that's how Friday 13th is supposed to work, is it?

Bad news was in the form of my rubbish BFF cancelling on me. We were supposed to be spending Monday and Tuesday of next week together but he's had to call it all off for some reason. Cue me getting rather cross, rather angry and super emotional. And yet, my silly BFF doesn't understand why I would get upset? Er...because I care about him? Because I miss him? Because I hate being let down more than anything?

There was actually lots of good news today. There are two bits of major news but I'm afraid I cannot report on such things right now but all should be revealed by two weeks time. Other good news is perhaps more simple: finding the perfect denim skirt and having to buy it two dress sizes down from the normal size I'd pick, buying new luggage and spending a wonderful afternoon and evening being girly and giggly with my mother. Tonight will conclude with Cosmopolitan magazine and a lovely chat with MYB. MYB will probably have to suffer me moaning and bitching about my BFF for an hour but it'll be lovely all the same.

I picked two key colours for today- a black (for bad luck) and a pretty bright blue (for good luck). However, as my day has been so up and down and rather crazy, I feel this skirt by Topshop really represents my day: a total mix of madness! The shoes featured here are also by Topshop and I've gone for some blue tights from Toast. The plain black tee is H&M, this sweet blue clutch is Loyd Maish, the ring is Urban Outfitters and this incredible necklace is Burberry Prorsum. Finally, I've added a brooch which symbolises just how I feel today! Happy Friday 13th, everyone!

Up and down.
Up and down. - by hollieanne on