Thursday, 12 February 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for being stuck in the snow.

I had a food review to write this afternoon so spent a sweet morning pottering around the house, taking a bath and sorting my outfit for the day. I listened to some really upbeat music, giggled at sweet little text messages from MYB and pinned my hair up. As I was getting ready, however, it started to snow and it did not stop.

Locking up the house and putting my umbrella up, I realised I was set for a day of bad weather and my silly purple flats were probably not going to cut it. After twenty minutes stood at the bus stand and watching cars struggle to get up the bank, I came back home and was in my comfortable socks with a copy of Elle Collections in my hand.

This afternoon was filled with cottage cheese straight from the tub, reading magazines, discussing the concept of marriage and texting MYB whilst he was on the train back from London.

In the- rather British- attitude of giving it a go, I've dressed for braving the snow and trying to make it out. This Juicy Couture coat is so sweet, I love the little gold buttons. I've added a pretty frilly Topshop blouse, some bootcut trousers from Theory and patent pumps from Miu Miu. I've used an Alexander McQueen bag, Kenneth Jay Lane earrings and a Fendi watch.

Snow, snow, snow.
Snow, snow, snow. - by hollieanne on