Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for shopping for MYB!

This week is leading up to a very exciting end as, on Sunday, it'll be the birthday of the most delightful man I know! MYB will be opening cards and presents and suddenly feeling much closer to 40 come Sunday ;-)

As I'm not spending the weekend with MYB, I've been super organised as regards his gifts. I bought his card last weekend and I went on a lovely shopping spree this afternoon to buy pretty little gifts for him. I adore shopping for other people but shopping for MYB is something else; he has such incredible taste in everything (apart from music!) that I find myself feeling wonderful as I marvel over the geekiest and most gorgeous sections of department stores.

Clearly I cannot reveal what I ended up buying but I know, come Sunday, he'll adore them and perhaps feel that little more inclined to marry me!

I've style the outfit for comfort today. Lectures, writing, dealing with PR invites and shopping has taken it out of me today and I'm headed for an early night! I love denim dresses but this one here, by 3.1 Phillip Lim, is so simple yet so right. I've gone for red accessories with some Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse shoes, a See by ChloƩ bag (number 1 on my lust-list right now!) and jewellery from Lady Luck Rules OK! Finally, a pretty blue beret from Forever21.

Birthday gifts for MYB.
Birthday gifts for MYB - by hollieanne on