Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for photography in the garden.

I had a final resting day today before I prepare myself to head back into education after a week and a half at home due to illness. I have to admit that I'm a tad nervous about tomorrow for some odd reason but I guess it's like the feeling we all get about going back to school/college/Uni/work after the holidays, isn't it? My mummy sorted me out with cuddles and shakes.

My portfolio pieces are increasingly growing and I'm loving the stuff I'm producing right now. MYB asked me to e-mail some pieces over for his viewing (I heart how interested he is in my work!) and I'm waiting to hear his responses- let's hope they were a hit! I produced a few more pieces today but it makes me nervous as to how close the deadline is to have it all finished. I have by no means started on my "Suri Cruise: My Personal Style Icon" stuff and nor have I even began to pen any words regarding how I ended up in the silly world of journalism (MYB and I, Jan 6th several years ago, All Bar One, Chinese man crossing the road... it's a long but beautiful story). I'm sure I'll manage.

When I wasn't doing portfolio pieces I was out in the garden. My parents have a beautiful garden which I love discovering. I didn't embrace the outdoors and the garden over the summer due to illness so I'm really looking forward to the sun coming along and walking down towards the apple tree via the stepping stones. I've taken the opportunity over these past few days to sneak out amongst the snow and snap away with my camera. We have some beautiful plants and flowers in our garden which have allowed me to take some incredible shots. I'm hoping to venture out amongst the plants and trees more often for some photography sessions. It's my happy place right now.

This super pretty outfit is perfect for staying home and being comfortable and creative in but also warm enough for half an hour out in between the trees and flowers. I find myself in love with this cardigan which is by Oscar de la Renta; it has a major price tag but it's absolutely gorgeous! Under the cardigan I'd wear this sweet little pocket silk tank by Alexander Wang and slip on some simple True Religion jeans. ChloƩ have produced these simple but pretty stack wedge heels and I've added a wonderful investment buy by Bottege Veneta. Jewellery is all cheap but chic: the owl ring is Miss Selfridge, the earrings are Topshop and this statement necklace is available from ASOS.

Photographs in the garden.
Photographs in the garden. - by hollieanne on