Saturday, 7 February 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for super happines.

Dear Readers, I feel I may burst with happiness. Will you forgive me if I do so? Lots of love and smooches. Your Dressing For-ista, Hol xx

Do you lot ever have days where not much has happened necessarily but you're just overwhelmed with happiness? OK, so some stuff has happened. I'd love to tell but part of the pleasure is keeping it a secret between myself and the other delicious person and being wrapped up in our own little world.

Happiness, for me, is contentment. If I experience feelings of being content then I'm happy. But sometimes something, or someone, can just induce that extra pop which makes you feel so chilled-out, so blissfully happy that you'd love to bottle feeling and keep it for the days when your hair looks rank due to the rain and you feel like having a tiny cry about it (just me? Thought so!). Today is one of those days.

Actually, the past two days have been a blur of happiness and giggles and lots and lots and lots of super fabulous love. Am I making you throw up yet? This is nice for me, though. I suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder which has, in the past, pulled me to places so low that I cannot even begin to describe. I treasure these seconds, minutes, hours and days of extreme (non-mania induced) genuine happiness like you could never imagine.

I woke up late today after a very late night last night. The past few nights have been rather late ones, to be honest, but well worth every second. I spent the morning in bed relaxing and recalling the previous few nights. I often find it shocking at how happy I am, after everything with my illness, it's just a bit odd being this content and successful and happy in a way that has ZERO to do with my BPD.

Currently listening to "All Dressed Up In Love" by Jennifer Hudson and this song fits the bill for my mood today. The following outfit would be worn out to dinner with my Love, giggling about silly things as we walked into town and kissed in the freezing cold. I mentioned a while back about how much I love wearing black these days and this outfit shoes that black doesn't have to be boring. First off is a simple silk vest by Kain which I'd wear tucked into this stunning Balenciaga tiered skirt. The black tights are standard Topshop ones but look at these Louboutin babies! How stunning are they? The huge bow detailing at the back... *sigh*- perfection! I'm also drooling over this Anthony David New York bag. Jewellery adds to the classy/cool mood of this outfit. The black chain necklace is from Monsoon and the pretty pears are Forever21. The bow brooch, which I'd wear pinned into my hair, is Chanel and the ring is unmistakably also Chanel.

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