Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for travel.

It feels so weird to be blogging in the morning and perhaps a little weird for a lot of you to be reading the Tuesday and Wednesday entries at the same time. As I explained previously, I'm off on a bit of a work/catching up with friends trip but because of the situation, I'm not sure I'll actually get to blog over the next two days. All sounds a bit top secret, right? I'm sure you'll find out in due course.

It's so early right now. I'm normally only up at this time for lectures but there's a final load of packing to be done and lots of beauty treatments to be conducted before I even think about stepping onto any train! I have less than two hours to finish up blogging and replying to work e-mails as well as making myself look ravishing and making sure I haven't forgotten anything. This is all going to be worth it, though. I have a feeling this trip is going to be very productive.

If I don't manage to blog on Thursday and Friday, I'll try and get my lovely blogging assistant to pop a message up letting you know. I'm hoping I can but it may not be possible. Forgive me? I am giving advanced warning. I shall return on Saturday and fill you lot up with more lifestyle rubbish and fashion crap. Have a great few days, guys!

Oh, what? You want an outfit? Oh, OK! I need to dress pretty enough to impress people today but also comfortable enough for survive about six hours of travel! I think this outfit would do the job. I've used a silk pleat Vanessa Bruno top which I'd wear tucked into this stunning Moschino Cheap & Chic bow front teal skirt. I've actually gone for white Converse to dress the outfit down and add maximum travel comfort and the pink leather weekend bag is from trustworthy M&S. Finally, the jewellery is from Topshop- how cute is the bird necklace?! OK, I need to run a bath and make myself look half decent. Have a great few days, everyone.

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