Saturday, 14 February 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for a rubbish Valentine's Day.

This entry will make me sound like I'm moaning and perhaps a little like a spoilt brat and I apologise in advance. But it's Valentine's Day and I'm alone! OK, so I'm in a pretty little long term relationship with MYB but the fact is that I am sat in an empty house with nothing but two sleeping guinea pigs and a glass of lemonade to keep me company.

Those who've known me a while will know I despise Valentine's Day for the fact that it's just a money making scheme but this year I began to question where I really did hate it or whether it was just because I didn't have anyone to share it with.

Last year MYB and I spent February 15th in a sweet little restaurant on New Oxford Street. It was freezing and our plans to walk to Kings Cross were scrapped and we hopped on the tube so he could be home by 1am for his two. We'd only began dating then and I don't even remember if I bought him a card, I'd known him well over a year at that point but dinner and a catch-up was more than enough.

This year, however, we're super happy together so I was excited to wait for the postman this morning with my sweet little card. I'd already sent MYB a little gift and gorgeous card and was so excited for it arriving in the post. Come 12:30 this afternoon, I'd given up hope. MYB "forgot" we'd agreed to do Valentine's Day this year despite knowing I was sending him a little something tiny.

OK, so the man is *the* sweetest and most romantic man I have ever met; he makes me feel so beautiful every day with the sweet little texts he sends me to remind me he thinks I'm beautiful or when he holds my hand over the dinner table so I really shouldn't complain and he has apologised lots and promised to make it up to me next week. But I feel a bit left out, to be honest. I'm a super silly girl and adore everything the man does for me but a tiny card would have been nice.

I'm sure we'll be giggling into the early hours tonight though and I'll soon forget about it. MYB, as I now realise you most probably read this most days, I heart you!

Outfit time? Think so! OK, so I'm not going out tonight and rather I'll soon be snuggled on the sofa with Sex And The City The Movie on DVD but why not dress up anyway? I've seen this Topshop dress everywhere- in magazines, on style blogs and on girls in the street- but I do think it's incredibly gorgeous. I've gone for green pop colours with Topshop heels and a Juicy Couture bag. Jewellery is delicate with a Disney Couture necklace, Forever21 floral earrings, a ring by Yves Saint Laurent and a super pretty hair comb from Monsoon. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Valentine's Day.
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