Thursday, 5 February 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for shopping for boys.

My BFF is lovely. I'm sure you all know how much I adore him as I go on about him a lot in my blog but he's very much annoyed me today. Monday will mark the 24th birthday of my darling BFF and I am very proud but birthdays means gifts and gifts mean trouble.

Shopping for Christmas gifts for my BFF is easy as I buy the generic DVD and computer game sort of things and then pile up loads of little silly gifts and chocolate. However, his birthday is always difficult for me for some odd reason. There's a computer game I know he'd like but he's been meaning to buy it himself for ages so it lacks creativity. What is a girl to do?

He doesn't like football, he isn't into fashion or labels, he's not a cook and nor does he have a need for any home items or any gadgets. He's so hard to buy for! What I opted for in the end is actually brilliant but not exactly unique but I know it'll make him happy.

People find it odd that I have a straight male for a best friend; OK, so we've been "there" (2.5 year relationship, actually) but we get along like brother and sister now. My father (as the idiot he is) thinks my BFF and I will get married and have children one day. But both my best friend and I feel rather sick at the idea of us kissing or that we ever did. It feels weird- urgh!

Today is pretty and feminine to substitute for the major male influence of today. Tibi have to be one of my favourite designers and I'll probably opt for one of their dresses once my hips become drastically smaller. This Tibi dress is bold but pretty and costs around £150 which I feel is well worth the price. I've gone for simple black tights and a purple flat shoe from Monsoon. The red glitter heart bag is delicious and is from the High Street love that is Topshop. Accessories keep in with the colour theme with purple beads, a red flower ring and a big purple number. Finally, my favourite look of the moment, a pretty corsage to pin hair back with- this one is available from Topshop.

Shopping for boys.
Shopping for boys. - by hollieanne on