Sunday, 22 February 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for the car breaking down.

What a day! Here's me expecting a simple Sunday and it turns into a nightmare. This morning I woke up late, text MYB to tell him about my nightmare (I heart how much he looks after me even when we're apart) and watched Hollyoaks with a grilled bacon sandwich. I got dressed in some comfortable Sunday clothes, made a coffee and made plans to go out for the afternoon with my family.

My mother is learning to drive so she and her partner opted to spend the afternoon having a little practise whilst my brothers and I went shopping and had lunch together. Once we were dropped off, my brothers and I walked around the shops and I enjoyed getting male opinions on shades of lipsticks, high heels and jeans. My brothers may only be twelve and eight but they know their stuff on fashion! My younger brother even declared that today was the "best day ever" as he got to "enjoy all the shops for girls". Strange but cute.

My mother was taking a while but we were happy in the knowledge she was learning her driving stuff so we went for three large Starbucks hot chocolates and a shared shortbread. Drinking hot chocolate with my two little boys is almost as good as sipping on champagne with MYB!

After a while, however, we worried. My mother wasn't answering her phone and neither was her partner. The shops were close to closing when my mother turned up looking flustered. The car had broken down a fair while away and the RAC were coming out to rescue them. As it was a long way to walk, my mother suggested I keep the boys busy and she'd come back for us once the car was fixed but she warned us that if she was longer than an hour and a half, we were to make our own way back.

Two hours passed and they hadn't turned up. Worried and cold, the boys and I walked for ages in the rain to get help. I'd forgot my bank card so we had no money on us but the lovely people at Sainsbury's garage called us a cab and we paid once we arrived back home. An hour later, my mother and her partner arrived home totally exhausted.

It's been a tiring, exhausting and stressful day but we got through it.

Style is a must in these situations, however. No cash? No transport? Not a problem if you're dressed wonderfully. I love this Topshop jacket- it is so 80s and fabulous! I'd wear the jacket left open with this brown and white striped DAY Birger et Mikkelsen tee, some jeans from New Look and mustard colour heels by Kurt Geiger. This sweet cross the body bag is vintage and all the jewellery featured is from Topshop.

Broken down.
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