Saturday, 28 February 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for an early night.

Apologies about yesterday, everyone! My blogging assistant kindly put out a note in my absence late last night. I got caught up in some family stuff and wasn't able to hit the laptop to blog. Huge apologies!

Anyway, shall we get back to today? If you've been reading my blog for the last few weeks, you'll notice how I've swapped casual Sundays to casual Saturdays and how much I'm really enjoying having a lazy day on a Saturday. Today was no different. A lie in followed by some lovely text messages from MYB and then I made brunch for the family. I spent the afternoon writing and listening to music, chatting to MYB and doing very little else- bliss!

I've been really stressed out this past week and it's only hitting me now how tired it's making me. MYB calmed my mind this evening and I made the decision that I needed some major relaxation. I've had a candle-lit bath tonight, had an lush salad for dinner and gave myself a pedicure. I'm now blogging from my bed and I'm going to watch some silly but slushy chick-flick in a moment. Happiness all round.

Outfit time! The outfit is casual and comfortable- and why not? The printed pink tee is DKNY and I've added some super skinny jeans by Cheap Monday. For me, the highlight of this outfit has to be the wonderful Nike Liberty dunks which I have craved since they first appeared on my screen one beautiful day. Accessories are super bright with some ASOS bangles, a hairband by New Look and a retro style Gola bag. Happy weekend!

Early night.
Early night. - by hollieanne on