Friday, 6 February 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for a beautiful day taking photographs.

Calm. Simple. Cold. Sunny. My day has been utterly wonderful. I went into college to use the arts library only to find it was closed due to teacher training- gutted. I spent the next hour in the "normal" library sending e-mails and sourcing inspiration.

This afternoon I wandered around a local park I'd never visited. It was frosted white and looked so beautiful with a mix of old age buildings and the backdrop of a modern city. I loved hearing the frost crunch under my pink leather flats and seeing my hands turn more and more red as the temperature dropped.

Walking around the park with nothing but the sounds of birds and passing traffic was so calming. Normally my iPod is plugged in constantly but not today, I wanted the quiet. There was perhaps an added comfort knowing my mother was only two minutes away as the park faces the hospital where she works. I always feel better within myself when my beautiful mother is near.

I took many photographs as I soaked up the winter sun and a load have turned out beautifully. I'm very proud. Oh, and there was the odd self portrait in there too. Vanity o'clock!

Currently talking to MYB online. Perfect way to end the day.

So, I've gone all casual and nautical today. I really like this Burberry coat, it looks really plain but there's something about it. I've selected wonderfully dark jeans by Levi and added a sweet t-shirt by Stella McCartney which induced the nautical theme. There pretty anchor earrings come from Urban Outiftters and I've picked a lovely nautical bag. Finally, some gorgeous flats by French Sole. Happy Friday, Guys!

A day taking photographs.
A day taking photographs. - by hollieanne on