Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for doing a food review.

I was dreading today; the prospect of free food has had me shaking with nerves all week. You lot think I'm crazy now, right? It's horrible to admit but I've been using food as a means of control and after becoming quite angry yesterday (my father, of course), I was determined to look on as everyone tucked into lunch and I sipped on water. I also happen to strongly dislike several members of the group I was with today so the idea of eating in front of them didn't appear like it was going to go too smoothly but it actually turned out brilliantly.

I was pleased to see the lay out of the restaurant was a little more intimate than I had thought so I surrounded myself in close friends and decent people and opted into eating lunch for the review I'm having to compile. The food was delicious but what really made it was the company and the fact that said company made me feel so at ease. I spent a wonderful few hours talking love, Vogue Italia and yummy blokes. Fun times!

Today went a lot better than expected. And my outfit got compliments from 2 random strangers, one being a slightly odd old bloke who told me I dress like "girls should" and the other being from a darling boy who works in Starbucks who praised my accessory choices. Good times!

MYB (My Yummy Bloke) and I have spent the past week chatting into the early hours nearly every night so I must, must, must have an early one tonight and as seen as MYB hasn't replied to my texts for a while, I think he's probably stuck in his silly BBC office late tonight. Or perhaps he's just had enough of me? Hope not! Doubt it, he's been super incredible lately.

Sadly, however, I'll be taking Elle Collections to bed and not MYB. Or Hugh Grant. Or Colin Firth for that matter.

Anyway, onto the outfit for today. The idea behind it was very much "ladies who lunch"/Sex and the City/dinner in Soho and onto drinks in East London. Why not dress up for dinner? People don't do it enough these days. I love this floral dress from Forever21 but rather than go all out girly, I've given it a bit of a tough edge with sporty peep-toes by Stuart Weitzman and a statement necklace. The neon bag is from Paul's Boutique and adds a major colour pop. The pink carries on into a metallic bangle from Forever21 and the hard edged black bangle is CC Skye.

Food review.
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