Monday, 2 February 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for a snow day.

Snow, snow, snow! It won't stop, will it? I couldn't make it to my evening class as all buses were called off and I've had many a friend not even make it into work or places of education. I worried about MYB this morning but apparently all is fine as regards snow at his end and he went on being a busy and gorgeous little worker bee at BBC.

My day was rather lovely despite the snow. There's something quite romantic about it all, isn't there? It's a shame I was alone today and didn't have MYB to join me as I locked myself in my home and watched the snow fall outside. I took a huge bubble bath and loved hearing the sound of the hailstones hit my window as I soaked in boiling hot water. I did sneak out into the garden to take some photographs but didn't brave the cold for too long.

I have pencilled in lunch tomorrow with a very dear friend but I shall have to perhaps cancel unless the weather changes for the better overnight but I fear it's going to get worse.

I've therefore dressed for the weather with layers and Ugg boots. I lovelovelove this coat and was shocked to see it's actually from Miss Selfridge- it looks designer! I've gone for a grey Crumpet cashmere cardigan to help stay warm and there's a pretty grey bow top underneath that which is available from The jeans are Sass & Bide and I've already mentioned the Ugg boots. These pretty earrings are a steal from Forever21 but the ring is a little more expensive as it's by Gucci. Finally, a gorgeous emerald colour bag by ChloƩ. Hope you're all safe in the snow!

Snow day!
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