Thursday, 22 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for being confused.

I've been suffering some silly psychical illness for a while which has been on/off; nothing serious but enough to kind of worry me. Last time it cropped up I had tests and hospital visits and it eventually went away after some medication. And that should have been that but now it's flared up again and I find myself in a load of pain. Ouch!

Tests were taken earlier in the week but they've come back totally fine. I'm confused!

I'm booked in for more tests on Monday but my tummy feels stupidly swollen, I'm exhausted and I could really do with a hug. I'm no expert in terms of science and medicine but I know something is up.

MYB, your cuddling duties are needed ASAP! I miss you.

I plan to rest for the next few days and perhaps, if he's free and is prepared to be my company for the day, have a light Sunday lunch with MYB. I've picked the outfit for today due to one thing- comfort! The outfit wouldn't look half bad on at all but it's something I'd wear to pop out for a pint of skimmed milk rather than lunch with friends. Another guilty fashion secret of mine is Victoria's Secret and that's where this lovable tee is from. I've paired it with silk trousers by Vanessa Bruno and some satin sneakers by Lanvin. Accessories come in the form of a cream Miss Selfridge chain bag, a fab but tacky ring by Forever21 and some super cosy earmuffs available from Monsoon. Happy Thursday, Everyone!

The tests were fine but I feel ill.
The tests were fine but I feel ill. - by hollieanne on