Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for dressing in black!

I have become obsessed with the Fashion Darling that is a deep shade of black. This may not appear like anything major but I'm a girl who has never worn black apart from the odd cardigan, vest top or pair of tights.

My mother has already encouraged me to wear black but her lovely comments about how it looked so great on me just passed over my head as black looks great on everyone, right? Perhaps this is true and I've seen many a friend or family member wearing the shade a lot to make them look slimmer but I've never quite got it. Where's all the colour that makes you stand out?

As a bird with decent size hips (that, I can reveal, are 5lb lighter this week!) I've always stayed away from black for thinking people only thought I was wearing it to make myself look slimmer and I've always had confidence is my "hour glass with a bit of a tummy" shape. But the past few days have seen me purchasing a perfect black dress and the love of my life- a black leather jacket. Seeing myself in such a colour and adoring the way I look comes as a shock- much like that of a black-only woman loving the way she looked in bright orange.

Is my style growing up from splashes of purple, pink and yellows to a more serious look of sophisticated black shades or am I just embracing something long overdue? I think it's a mix of both things. In these credit crunch times, it's more about investment pieces and sensible tan boots, black leather jackets, patent black clutches and calf skimming black dresses all come into the equation of being long lasting and sensible. I'm wearing chic flats, dying my hair grown up shades of ginger and making use of sensible peach nail shades. Grow up style here I come! Although I do think the odd pink satin Primark hair bow might be creeping in.

The outfit styled for today is grown up but also fun too. The tee was my starting point for the outfit and it's by one of my all time favourite labels- Sonia by Sonia Rykiel. The skirt is tucked into a Topshop skirt and I've thrown a Miu Miu biker jacket over the top which has amazing pleating detail- well worth the £1,000+ price tag! I've added some black tights, Jil Sander biker boots, a gorgeous Chanel necklace and a Betsey Johnson lace detailed bag. Finally, pin hair back into a chic loose ponytail and tie in a red corsage for ultimate glam but gorgeousness!

Wearing black.
Wearing black. by hollieanne