Monday, 19 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for finishing her children's tv essay.

1000 words on children? I would rather have poked my eyes out with the heel of a Louboutin but I opted to study children's television as part of my genre assignment within media which was due in today. Children's television appealed to me because of the sociological and political factors surrounding it, as well as the Public Service Broadcasting issues that arise from it and the worrying future of the Hollywood influence. Phew! That was a lot, wasn't it?

I spent several exhausting hours in the library this afternoon adding some final touches but, on later inspection this evening, I've realised I've made two punctuation errors. The journalist making grammar errors? It appears so, my loves. I apologise to you and my lecturer!

Finishing the subject of television genres was a delight, really. It's a topic I'm vastly interested in but I've been feeling a little withdrawn of late so haven't been able to throw my heart into everything as much as I normally do. But I'm back and feeling a lot better than ever! Gone is my depressive episode that has been lingering for the past few weeks and in is the normal Hollie with the added additions of a new brighter shade of auburn hair and a fabulous black leather jacket. Bring on the distinction!

In honour of all things sickly sweet and child like, I've gone all Minnie Mouse on you! The tee is by American label Wet Seal and the skater skirt is by Topshop. For added Disney gorgeousness, I've gone for a ring and a pair of earrings by Disney Couture and a polkadot Cath Kidston bag. Finally, some grey See by ChloƩ ribbed tights and wonderful red platforms.

Children's TV.
Children's TV. by hollieanne