Saturday, 17 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for cosmetics shopping.

What a fabulous day! Don't you just love the days when you swish around town with nothing but your mother and a fringe bag on your arm? Perfect!

Today I said hello to S/S09 ("S/S09? You're such a geek!"- MYB) with a nod to new florals in coral and feather hair accessories. I'm adoring the new season stuff already with the boho look and pretty feminine shades already filtering through onto the high street. Marks and Spencer added soft grey shades and bright blues and pinks to their Limited Collection and New Look showcased a mix of ghastly patterns and pretty frills. On my high street wish list after today? A M&S patent pink tote, a M&S boyfriend blazer, a black leather jacket I spied in New Look and some Marc Jacobs-a-like satin heels from Clarks.

But mummy and I left the clothing behind for all of a few minutes and headed to the cosmetics counter. As I'm sure I've documented on my blog before, my Yummy Mummy has never been one for designer items and favoured cheap alternatives which would never last as long but today I convinced her, in lure of her new career, to really splash out. With thanks to the usual amazing service at the Chanel cosmetics counter, we purchased mascaras, blushers from the new season collection and lipsticks all to give her a boost on her first day. And me? Well, Mummy and I always share but I think I'll be keeping my classic Miami Peach Chanel nail polish all for me.

As I adore Chanel cosmetics so much (the quality, the shades available and the wonderful service and advice), I've added three Chanel pieces to the outfit selected for today. Firstly, we have this timeless yet colourful tweed jacket which is mixed with a curved 2.55 black bag and a pretty flower ring. Coming in a little closer to most price bands, I've used some Acne skinny jeans, a Topshop tee and some quilted French Sole flats. Happy Saturday, Guys!

Cosmetics. by hollieanne