Monday, 5 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for tears in class.

I've felt really close to tears all day today over a number of things but thought my tiny cry in the bath would have been it for the day. Apparently not. I felt brilliant during my usual pre-lecture Monday Starbucks but once I arrived at my lecture and realised it would be a group oral assignment, I began to get nervous.

My lecturer knows I haven't felt brilliant over the festive period so when my eyes were kept to the ground during the group chat and when I had to leave mid-sentence to go the bathroom to cry, it didn't come as a shock. I just now feel like an idiot.

MYB and I were both exhausted last night and incredibly stressed so our conversation ended up with me snapping at him and then feeling really guilty. And I guess that's why I cried today because I do feel terribly bad for snapping, even though I apologised a million times. Once more? OK, then: sorry, MYB!

My outfit for today represents that happy/sad feeling I've had with a lovely pink colour and a dark tone. I adore this shirt and wish I could feel more confident in a plaid shirt and I think this one might give me that boost. The jeans are Sass & Bide, the bag is a steal from Republic for only £14.99 and the incredible heels are Yves Saint Laurent. Finally, the earrings can be bought from Forever21, the watch is Juicy Couture and the darling ring is by Louis Vitton.

Tears. by hollieanne