Thursday, 29 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for UPS.

My BFF and I are, quite frankly, rather crazy. We have the sort of super silly friendship that I feel is rather rare. We bond over our private jokes which have lasted years and not a single person in the world can make me laugh as much as he can. We've been through everything together: bereavement, break-ups, career heartbreaks and finance issues. I doubt there is a single thing we couldn't do together.

And so this all brings me on to the theme for today. My BFF and I have a silly argument about the UPS mail service. Is it pronounced U.P.S or is it pronounced "ups" as in up and down? My BFF is a wee bit dim and thought it was the latter but I clearly knew it was single letters. So I e-mailed UPS today and explained our little situation. I explained that, if I were correct, I'd be forcing my BFF to wear my favourite pink lipstick.

I'm sure you all know I was correct, don't you? Thanks to the lovely UPS bloke who cleared it all up (or ups, even) and proved my stupid but gorgeous BFF wrong. So, BFF, you ready to pucker up?!

My outfit for today clearly celebrates my win. Dinner in style on my BFF as seen as he got it wrong. I've used some Dorothy Perkins jeans but dressed them up with gorgeous black Brian Atwood shoes. The silk cotton cardigan is by my future wedding dress designer, Oscar de la Renta. I've added a vintage bag, Juicy Couture ring and a Forever21 necklace. Finally, some Marc Jacobs sunglasses to wear as we drive through the country roads and farms near casa de BFF.

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