Sunday, 4 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for preparing to go back to college.

Tomorrow evening will see me have my first class of 2009 and I'm very much looking forward to it. Being out of the college routine and not getting on the bus every morning and seeing my regular people has really displeased me- I am a routine addict.

The next few months will be rather odd as in both English language and media we'll focus on journalism. I feel zero excitement towards it as you'd expect but I am in fact dreading it and feel a certain pressure on myself from both my peers and my tutors. Whereas English language will be more focused on the wording and structure of articles, media will see me doing out and about reporting. Of course I'll have a clear advantage but it's a worry to me that my tutors or peers just won't "get" my style; it's a natural worry and I have exactly the same worry when meeting new editors and fellow journalists so I need to remember that I've been successful before and can be again.

Today saw me having a raging argument with my father and then doing lots of work to make sure I'm all prepared for tomorrow and the coming week. I'm spending the weekend with MYB so want to make sure I have enough work done this week so I can spend the entire weekend snuggled up and eating toast with my love.

Dressing For is super bright today! I've been feeling quite low so wanted an outfit that would cheer me up and I'd probably wear this for an evening lecture so the colour could keep me wide awake! The cute tee is by Wet Seal, the pretty pink skater skirt is Topshop and the bag is vintage. The gorgeous pink Mary-Jane shoes are from Faith and are matched to the colour theme with some yellow tights. Finally, we have a beret by Miss Selfridge and some pretty jewellery.

Preparing. by hollieanne