Thursday, 1 January 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for the new year.

Happy New Year! What are your plans for 2009? I'm sure we've all made resolutions, most of them ones we make and break each year, and promised ourselves a better year than the last but I really do think I'll stick to mine. I've been meaning to make a few life changes for a while, mainly involving the size of my hips, so now appears like the perfect time. With Christmas and New Year food and drink pretty much out of the window, I'll be replacing my large glass of wine on an evening for a small one once a week and my chocolate breaks during Monday evening lectures will soon turn into fruit breaks- small changes but they'll do.

Apart from the weight issue, I have the follow plans/resolutions:

1) Go for a mini-break with MYB outside the UK: this is a major one for me (and MYB, of course) as we're both long overdue a holiday. Sadly, we need to straighten things out a little to make sure everyone is fine with us jetting off but that should be sorted by the end of the month and we can then look forward to a little European boutique hotel break. Fun times!

2) Read more: I adore reading, especially media/fashion/marketing/self-help books and need to set time aside each evening to do an hour or so of it. Rather than browsing Facebook for half an hour, I need to pick up that marketing book and learn, learn, learn!

3) Cut down phone calls to the BBF: 5 times a day isn't good for my finances and I could be reading and the like during that time. Shall aim to make it only twice a day from now on!

4) Take more photographs: now that I have my beloved new camera, it shouldn't be a problem. And I've started a Project 365 on Flickr!

5) Make sure my nails are always painted nicely: I currently have a weird grey and pink polka dot thing going on but at least they look perfect. No more chipped nails!

It looks a lot but they're small life changes I've already began to make and look forward to the affect.

I spent today at a hospital appointment and then came home to spend a while cuddling the guinea pigs and taking photos of them: New Year's Day is always dull, right? Therefore, the outfit I've picked for today is casual and will do perfectly for meeting Your Boy for a pub lunch. The Topshop tee is a perfect way to start the year as I aim to be Wonder Woman all year through! The wide leg trousers, a definite staple in any wardrobe, are by Luella Ike and the earrings are, again, Topshop. Keeping with two main colours, I've gone for blue heels from Forever21 and this beauty by ChloƩ. Red is represented by a Miss Selfridge beret and some pretty gloves by Mulberry. Hope you keep your resolutions!

01/01/2009. by hollieanne