Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for NYE 2008!

I know you'll all be out at fabulous parties right now and not sitting in wearing your nightwear like I am but I'd like to wish you all a fabulous 2009! Creating Dressing For has been such a highlight of my year and it's been wonderful to read all your kind comments and e-mails in relation to my very first fashion blog. I hope you have a couture filled 2009!

Now, as I said above, I am at home in my nightwear after my NYE plans changed a little. I had planned to spend NYE with MYB but he's spending time with his son tonight and so I'm surrounded by my closest family and drinking lemonade. Rock and roll! I do feel a little sad as to not be spending the night with the most incredible man I have ever dated but I'm pleased he's not cancelled on me for some BBC only party or some such and knowing MYB and his son will be having a fabulous time brings a huge smile to my face. If I was at his tonight? Dinner, The Hills Season 1 on DVD and champagne in bed- pretty much like a normal evening. But I miss him. He's been the thing that has made 2008.

I wish someone could have photographed the two of us back in June: MYB was holding my hand as I was lying in a hospital bed and being told I might not pull through. And yet he still told me I was beautiful and that I was his baby. As much as it was the lowest moment of my life, I'd never felt so beautiful as I knew we could get through anything.

OK, loved-up rubbish over and onto the outfit. Dressing For is modest tonight as it's for spending the evening in with MYB and not at some club. I adore this dress by Emilio Pucci dress and it needs little more than a pair of black tights, a skinny belt and some black Louboutin heels to go with it. I've accessorised further with my dream bag by Mulberry, some cute Chanel bracelets, a Marc Jacobs hairband and a wonderful Vera Wang cocktail ring. Happy 2009 from Dressing For!

NYE with MYB. by hollieanne