Monday, 1 December 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for McDonalds.

My lecture this evening was rather dull, a simple reading and then answering questions about said reading. It didn't work for me so I spent the time gossiping with a friend about the male species, doodling flowers and writing love notes to my love.

I left campus feeling slightly deflated and not full of the buzz that I normally have on a Monday evening. Never mind, eh? The chatting and drawing was nice and I did learn something, I guess.

What made me evening was how hungry I was. M&S provided the muesli this morning and I grabbed a Starbucks coffee but, come 8:30pm, I was really hungry. In came the wonder that is McDonalds. Walking through town and trying to contact MYB (I think he was playing Dad Taxi at the time), I heard a rumble from my stomach and opted for the close to hand branch of McDonalds. I opted for a still Fanta, fried and some fab chicken burger with cheese and nachos on. Nice!

So I'm dressing for the guilty pleasure that is a McDonalds on a freezing cold winter night. You need comfort, you need warmth and a little style. But who is really going to see you? You can afford to be a bit slouchy. And why not? Wrap up warm in this beige cardigan from Republic and pashmina from Forever21. I've gone for a simple jeans a t-shirt look with a cute tee which is also a Forever21 number and jeans by True Religion. Finally, for a tiny bit of glamour just in case anyone does see you, slip on some orange Pedro Garcia flats and a classic quilted Chanel bag on your arm. Until tomorrow...

McDonalds. by hollieanne