Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for feeling better than expected.

I was nervous, I admit. When I arrived home and walked in to find my father already there, I found myself having to stay calm and bite my tongue. After a day of mixed emotions I thought that the last person I'd want to see would be my father but I was proved wrong.

I really do think my mum has had a word with my dad about his lack of interest in me and the like. My dad was interested in me tonight! My dad asked me how I was and what I was up to and everything like that! He didn't mention love once and only asked about MYB once rather than the usual six million times. What's happening to the man? He's usually self-obsessed and not interested in me one bit. If my mum really has had a word with him then I'm grateful- she's a star!

Like I mentioned above, today really has been a day of mixed emotions and I feel it'll only end on a low note as MYB are perhaps having a slight argument. He's not answering my calls (although I'm sure he's just busy) and I'm well annoyed at him. I hate this. I wish we could be calm and cuddly all the time.

But I'd wear this outfit to keep my upbeat. How can you not be happy when wearing orange tights?! And how amazing is this dress by Catherine Malandrino. It's crazy but actually really wearable for both day and night. For a day look, I've slipped a polo neck underneath and added flat studded boots but replaced with some patent shoe-boots and left without the bottom layer, this would be fab for a hot date! Finally, a simple teal bow bag to keep in with the colouring of the dress.

It wasn't that bad... by hollieanne