Thursday, 4 December 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for getting Britney Spears tickets!

Oh my gooooooood! I actually have tickets to see the wonderful Britney Spears in June 2009. OK, so a stack load of the British public are in the same position (including about 98% of my social circle) but it's still just as exciting.

Britney is such an inspiration to me and I turn into an eleven year old girl when I talk about Ms. Spears and, as much as I wouldn't go as crazy as the Britney Spears crying fan on Youtube, I won't really have a bad word said about her.

I ended up working from home today so I snapped up tickets super quick and spent the rest of the day relishing in delight and listening to Britney on repeat.

I ordered 2 tickets for Saturday 6th June but who I'm taking, I have no idea. My mother wouldn't mind going but I think it's more than likely I'll end up dragging MYB along- and like he'll complain! Seeing Britney Spears dancing around in tiny outfits? No man would turn that down- gay or straight!

I'm all colourful but warm today for working at home. I have a jumper similar to this but sadly it's not Moschino. Mix the purple with a sculpted yellow Yves Saint Laurent wool skirt and slip some black tights on for extra warmth. Finally, if you must go out in the ice for supplies of red wine and magazines, stomp around in these Topshop beauties which are sure to brighten the dullest of snowy days. Blue bangles and a blue ring provide the accessories. And in celebration of Britney Spears' comeback, I've gone for the "Save Britney" bag by Perez Hilton. Save Britney? She's back, Baby!

I have Britney tickets- Oh my God! by hollieanne