Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for stress.

Why is it that your day off always has to end up being a little bit rubbish? This morning started off fine, I had a decent sleep and went to watch my little brother singing Christmas songs at the local supermarket with his school- it was trés cute! Once I returned home and sat down with a cup of green tea, things went wrong.

Today I had planned to do one thing and one thing only which was to finish an essay. Knowing I had 1,500 words to complete by Thursday, I allocated myself breaks and times in which I could do various things such as e-mail MYB, chat on the phone to my best friend and flick through magazines. Before I got started, I checked my e-mail to find one by someone I rather dislike. She'd e-mailed out of spite. She'd e-mailed to make me sad. Today, rather than working really hard all morning and have the afternoon to do what I pleased, I ended up crying on the phone to MYB and stressing like mad. Why is that woman so obsessed, eh? It wasn't nice.

Still with panic, stress and upset on my mind, I realised I'd done none of my essay and time was ticking away. I had two choices: let Nasty Witch Woman get to me and mess up the essay or think of how proud MYB is going to be of me once I get an A for completing the essay. NWW lost and MYB's proud smile won.

I did the essay and have only just finished. I'm still waiting for an e-mail back from NWW about why she thought it would be fabulous to reveal some rather trivial but upsetting news to me. Never mind, NWW, you'll get over it...

Dressing For is comfort today but also cute. I'm all flowery to keep my mood upbeat and smiley, no matter what NWW tries to throw at me. Sadly, due to all the stress of today, I'm suffering from some horrible stomach cramps so that's why we have a cute little hot water bottle today which is available from DotComGiftShop.com for a tiny £6.95. From Charlotte Russe, we have some simple skinny jeans and Roberto Cavalli provides this pretty oval amethyst necklace. The rest of the outfit is Cath Kidston who, in my eyes, provide everything you need for comfort and style. The plain colour button tank is really cute and can be worn alone if working from home or paired with wide-leg trousers and a pretty shirt for days when you're in the office. I've gone all floral with some pretty plimsolls and a velvet tote to store all your essentials in if you just need to leave the house and get away from it all for a few hours. Finally, pin on this crystal brooch and tie hair back in an effortless bun with this rosy felt hair tie. Stay calm and carry on...

Stress. by hollieanne