Thursday, 18 December 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for being so wrapped up in cuddles that she forgot to blog!

I'm in trouble! I know, Readers, I know. What type of daily blogger am I if I go a single day without some sort of fashion and lifestyle twittering?

But you see, I was so wrapped up in cuddles and cocktails that I couldn't possibly bring myself to load up the computer, style some stuff together and write- especially not when MYB is around, anyway.

Thus I apologise and hope you'll realise it's a one off. Today (and indeed yesterday) marks a six month anniversary for me of the most life changing moment of my life and I needed to celebrate. I am allowed a single day off, right? Right?!

OK, so maybe not but you get the entry for yesterday this morning (12 hours late but it's still here!) and you'll get another entry tonight. I heart being in love.

So yesterday was a nightmare day with travel, a philosophy exam and then more travel. At the end, I got the good stuff! Hurrah! I needed to look smart and serious yesterday but also rather delicious in the afternoon so I've gone for a simple pallet of grey and black. I am a massive fan of sleeveless tops/dresses with a waistcoat, don't ask why but there's just something fabulous about it. So to get the look, I've gone for a pretty black ruffle dress by Forever21 and throw a grey knit Topshop waistcoat over the top for a more dressed down feel. Continuing with the grey, I've added ruffle shoe-boots, a sweet little cable knit bag by Dorothy Perkins and grey tights. D&G provide the silver chain necklace and the bangles are DAY Birger et Mikkelsen. Forgive me?

Sexy Philosophy by hollieanne