Friday, 19 December 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for seeking inspiration and researching.

Last night I had a little cry before bedtime. Yesterday was a massive day of reflection due to it being six months since a major (sad) event in my life. I found myself sitting on the sofa alone and knowing MYB (My Yummy Bloke) was out with his work lot. I got a slightly drunken text about 1230am saying he hoped I was "basically very happy"- thanks, MYB. But that was the point, I was crying because I was so happy but at the same time I was sad because I knew that I wouldn't be getting the MYB cuddles in bed of the previous night. Never mind, they'll happen again before I know it.

So, because of all the reflection and the need to make MYB shockingly proud of me, I did a stack load of research and have started to get my portfolio together. I don't come from an art/design background and I take snap-shots that always turn out really nice but it's never something I'd do professionally. I can't draw to save my life. I can't sew (and neither can MYB so if he marries me, we're hiring a tailor). But I can write. And style. And do a bit of pouting which all ends up inspiring me.

Today I am inspired by the following: MYB and I disagreeing on whether Nick Lacey is an idiot or not, Carina Round, MYB's blog post about Sheffield inspiring him, girls from Norway asking my advice, the end of Woolworths' Pick and Mix, sitting on MYB's bed in a long silk nightdress and a cardigan. The latter especially. "It's very decedent, I know" he says as he sips champagne in bed with me. We disagree on Nick Lacey but decadence is never out of the question.

I am a simple things girl. Cupcakes, a new nail paint, digital radios- they do it for me. I am the girl who complies a guinea pig squeak, cookie dough, "Music is Power" by Richard Ashcroft, MYB's love of Zara, walks in the cold and an insatiable need to pop out ideas for selling a brand and turns them into her world. The idea of creating a massive portfolio to impress some of the top universities in the country sort of terrifies me; how do I take the tiny things and turn them into one big thing? I'm sure I'll do it. Tiny steps and all...

With spending most of the day at my desk (laptop, blogs, books, magazines...) I need a sweet little outfit that'll be comfortable but inspire me to create and I think I've managed it here. This Forever21 tee is so cute and I can well imagine my best friend popping it in my stocking this Christmas. The beige ChloƩ skirt is an office staple, as are the Louboutin flats. Accessories wise I've gone for a sweet bobble hat from Topshop, a vintage bag, a brooch from Urban Outfitters and the most wonderful tea bracelet by Hannah Zakari.

Inspire and research. by hollieanne

Finally, a picture of one of my Christmas gifts from MYB because it is simply the love of my life: