Monday, 29 December 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for being rejected for washing.

Imagine the scene: I'm watching Season 1 of Sex And The City, I've got an afternoon glass of rosé in my hand and I'm totally relaxed in the house alone. And then my father calls.

My dad and I had planned a pub lunch for tomorrow and my expectations were high: talking about Muffin Top was out, talking about my half-sister was out but chatting about our hopes for 2009 and stories about my granny were in. When my dad called I figured he was ringing to confirm our plans and see how I was. But no. He called to cancel on me.

OK, sure, you have to work? Or your sister is ill and you need to visit? Not that either, eh? Ah yes, you're cancelling on me because you "have loads of washing to do". Yes, my dad cancelled on me with the excuse that he had lots of clothes to wash. Pardon me but we both know that's bollocks- he cancelled on me to spend more time with that Muffin Top. Thanks, Dad, I'll be off to see the crisis team tonight.

Never mind him though, he's an idiot. I'll go out for lunch myself tomorrow and sit in a pretty coffee shop with a marketing book in hand and a bigger smile on my face than if I was seeing him. I like the outfit for today; it's really pretty, really feminine and reminds me of a summer festival. I've had my eye on this Billabong dress for a while as it's really versatile (black tights and heels on a night out, over a bikini on the beach...) and the geometric pattern is fab. I've put the dress over some skinny jeans and added a Miss Selfridge slouchy cardigan for a more casual look. Accessories are tan dull golds and I know these wedge gladiators will be a total love or hate split; personally, I ADORE them! The ring and satchel are vintage and the long chain necklace is available from Toast.

Rejection. by hollieanne