Monday, 15 December 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for doing everything wrong!

I am going to cry. I'm actually going to cry. I keep doing everything wrong today and very little is working out.

Today didn't start off bad, I had a lazy morning and headed into town for Starbucks where I had a major flirt with a rather fit bloke who passed me his number (I love MYB, yes I do, no matter how fit he was....yes, MYB). I then skipped off to two meeting which went incredibly well, especially the latter.

I was on a major high and sat down to read some stuff about broadcasting and children. I was sitting there happily when I went to pay for a book and realised I couldn't find my bank card. I paid by cash and went and sat down to sort out my Paddington, knowing my card would be in there somewhere. But it wasn't. Thus I have no bank card and therefore no money. I went back to Starbucks (the last place I had it) and they didn't have it. A bloke in a red (red!) jumper then informed me I probably wouldn't get a new one by Xmas. Yeah, Mate, I got that. I walked out and had to stop myself crying really hard.

I text MYB to tell him about the situation and he called pretty much straight away and was all protective and sensible and reminded me to cancel my current one for fear of online use by some idiot. MYB scored some major Brownie points for being so sensible and protective today- well done, Love!

But what is it with buses? I was still close to tears when I started queuing for my bus home only to wait half a bloody hour because it decided not to turn up.

Then I slipped over on ice.

And now I've only gone and tagged MYB in some photos on Facebook for him to de-tag himself and now I'm all paranoid about whether he's mad at me or not for even doing so. I am on a major feeling sorry for myself night. I need a bath with a Lush bath bomb, perhaps a tiny cry and a call from MYB to tell me he hearts me. Yes, a cry is needed.

This outfit is mainly black, a colour I hardly wear but wear really well. I fell in love with this Topshop skirt and was actually surprised to see where it's from. On top I've gone for a pattern clash with Debenhams polkadot cardigan and the shoes are kept simple with suede flats by J-Crew. The American Eagel adds colour and another pattern mix and the Yves Saint Laurent bag just adds such a touch of luxury; I think it's defiantly in my top 5 designer bags of all time. Finally, a very sweet little Miss Selfridge snake bangle which I adore. Time to hit eBay for the aforementioned bangle, I think!

I keep doing everything wrong! by hollieanne